Christian Principal vilified, Jharkhand

Christian Principal vilified, Jharkhand

Central Academy Buddhist Mission is an elementary/secondary school in Ranchi, Jharkhand. The school has often been cited as the oldest English Medium School in the city of Ranchi, dating its inception to 1965.

Bro. Jacob Thomas is the Principal of this prestigious School.

As this is an English Medium School, teaching is made mandatory in English, to make the student proficient in the English language. Conversation in Hindi is discouraged by the teachers and the students, in the classroom and in the school and preference given to English. Hindi is taught in the School as a language and students encouraged to read and speak in Hindi during the class.


Central Academy Buddhist Mission School, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Most students are motivated to improve their speaking because they are aware of the advantages of being able to speak English well, but lack the confidence to speak freely in English as they make many mistakes. In order to encourage and support the studentsand bring in the fun element, teachers have developed a student-centered participatory activity. A student found speaking in Hindi is given a card which states “I was speaking Hindi in class”. He will have to find another student who is speaking in Hindi to handover the card to him and this goes on like a chain reaction. Students have embraced this “game” and enjoy playing this.

Recently, one of the Teachers took objection to the Principal correcting a student by name Priyanshu Bharadwaj studying in the 10th grade.  The Hindi Teacher who took offence, told the Principal that “Hindi is the National language so don’t force the children to speak in English”. After this exchange, the Principal received a telephone call in the evening from a Journalist who claimed that they had information that a student named Priyanshu Bharadwaj had attempted to commit suicide because he was depressed since the Principal had reprimanded him.

The Education Department Officials swung into action as the news spread, to investigate these allegations which were found to be baseless. However, religious fundamentalists wait for every opportunity to “give a communal color or caste angle” to every untoward incident and politicise it.

A ‘Swamiji’, accompany a Video Crew of a local News Channel, trespassed into the school and barged into the Principal’s office to question him, while the crew recorded the proceedings. The student was also summoned who denied any form of punishment of depression on camera.

Nevertheless, this entire episode was telecasted on National Television – sensationalizing and giving deliberate misinformation, to influence the public who do not take the time to verify the authenticity of the untrue news.

Church, please pray that God will bless with divine wisdom, all our Christian Leaders placed in Educational Institutions, that they would execute their duties with integrity and honesty.

Source: VoTC Correspondent




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  1. Why should the principal be worried,ask the management to take a stand on the language issue and let them challenge any irrelevant opposition .

  2. Educating children is building and uplifting the nation. Attack even on words to the uplifters is not a good sign to the nation.

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