Christian group condemns damage to tribal leader’s statue

Christian group condemns damage to tribal leader’s statue

June 15, 2019 Matters India

Birsa Munda

 By Cyprian Ekka

Ranchi, June 14, 2019: A Christian group in Jharkhand on June 14 expressed anguish over damage done to the statue of Birsa Munda, a 19th century tribal freedom fighter and martyr.

The statue was damaged June 13 night allegedly by some unidentified persons.

The All Christians Media Cell has expressed dismay over “the distressing incident” and appealed to the administration to reinstate the freedom fighter’s statue with fitting honor as early as possible.

The Christian cell also demanded that the administration adopt appropriate measures to forestall such incidents and that the perpetrators be identified and prosecuted immediately, said a statement signed by president Father Anand David Xalxo.

Meanwhile Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das has ordered a probe into the desecration and ordered for the immediate repair of the statue.

The statue stands at Kokar, a suburb of the state capital of Ranchi, where the freedom fighter’s mortal remains are said to have been buried.

Earlier in the day, as the news about the desecration spread a team of district and police administration reached the spot and maintained that damage was caused by heavy rains and winds.

Birsa Munda was an Indian tribal freedom fighter, religious leader, and folk hero who belonged to the Munda tribe. He spearheaded a movement that arose in the tribal belt of modern-day Bihar and Jharkhand in the late 19th century, during the British Raj.

This made him an important figure in the history of the Indian independence movement. His achievements are even more remarkable for having been accomplished before the age of 25.

He was born on November 15, 1875 and died in jail on June 9, 1900.

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