Christian, beaten by religious fundamentalists, extortion by Police, Uttar Pradesh

Christian, beaten by religious fundamentalists, extortion by Police, Uttar Pradesh

Unidentified men reportedly attacked and ambushed Bro. Ram Sudare, who was walking back from his field. He was brutally beaten up on allegations of changing his religion to Christianity and indulging in conversion activities of other villagers.

Pastor Anil Kumar the Pastor of Ram called Persecution Relief to inform the Founder about the incident. On 14th July, Saturday evening, Bro. Ram, a resident of Sant Kabir Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, was critically injured and bleeding from the beatings, and rushed to the Hospital located in the area, where he was given medical treatment.

A complaint was lodged with the Police who rushed to the scene of the crime. However, instead of filing a FIR and initiating investigation, Police, the guardians of the law, were negligent and derelict in carrying out their duties. Police reportedly harassed and threatened to arrest the victim on conversion charges if he did not meet their demands of a bribe of Rs. 1000/- from Bro. Ram.

In the past , Pastor Anil Kumar who is pastoring Jai Yesu Satsangh Church in Kabir Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, was conducting a meeting at the residence of a believer, when a mob of more than 100 religious fanatics, invaded and illegally trespassed the venue of the prayer meeting and created a huge ruckus. Later, with Police intervention, a compromise was reached between both parties.

Church please remember Bro. Ram Sudare in your prayers, for complete recovery both physically and spiritually.


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