Christian attacked with sickle alleging conversion charges, Tamil Nadu

Christian attacked with sickle, alleging conversion charges, Tamil Nadu

Today, 19th April, 2018, Bro. Thangaraj residing in Rathinapuri, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, was attacked by religious fundamentalists, just outside his residence.

2 days ago, Bro. Thangaraj had attended a Convention and Prayer Meeting which was organised by the local Church Leaders. As Bro. Thangaraj was standing outside his home with his motor cycle, a group of religious fanatics ambushed him. They began accusing and shouting vulgar abuses at him, falsely alleging that he was involved in conversion activities. They wanted to know how many people and households he had converted. As Bro. humbly denied the allegations, one of the radicals, who had a ‘sickle’ (a hand-held agricultural curved knife/blade) hidden inside his shirt, struck him on his head causing grievious injuries.

As Bro. Thangaraj fled into his home, the fanatics illegally trespassed into the house and threatened his entire household of dire consequences, if they continued such conversion activities.

Talking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Pandiraj and Pastor Suresh confirmed that Bro. Thangaraj was taken to Kovai Government Hospital in Coimbatore and treatment provided. The Hospital has confirmed that he is out of danger.

Church, continue to lift up the many, thousands of Christians in India who are being cruelly persecuted, abused, tortured and killed.

Pray for divine protection from the psychological exhaustion and emotional fear that so many are going through.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would draw close to them and protect them – and give them the spiritual strength to endure under such inhumane, hostile environment.

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