Catholic Father wrongfully convicted by Police, persecutors give the slip, Uttar Pradesh

Catholic Father wrongfully convicted by Police, persecutors give the slip, Uttar Pradesh

Father Vincent Vineet Pereira of the Catholic Church, in Mohammadabad Gohna of Mau district in Uttar Pradesh, was arrested by Police on 14th evening, when he called them for help, to rescue him from a mob that had attacked his home and the people praying inside.

Father Vincent Vineet Pereira speaking to Founder, Persecution Relief from outside the Court Room

It was a customary practice for the prayer group to gather at the “House of Prayer”, where Father Vincent Vineet Pereira lived, where they prayed for 10 hours every day.

On 14th, the prayer group, which included women and children, had gathered and prayers were in progress. Suddenly, they heard a commotion at the door and a Bro. David went to investigate it. Standing outside was a religious fanatic called Raj Kumar Madesha who asked him to come out. Sensing the tone of his voice and demeanor, the terrified Bro. David rushed back into the room, to inform them about the visitor. The fanatic followed him inside the house and slapped him on his face for a few times.

Father Vincent who was seated inside him room, came out hearing the disturbance and decided to video record the unprovoked attack by the fanatic on his mobile phone. This aggravated the situation with him lunging at Father to grab the phone from his hand. This resulted in a tussle between the two which caused injuries to Father’s arm. The women and children were terrified seeing the turn of events and began crying out aloud.

Subsequently, this lone fanatic, stepped outside to make a call to the rest of the fanatics. Before they could join him, Father and group members, rushed to the inside of the house and locked themselves in.

They made several attempts to reach the Police on #100 with no avail. Finally, after nearly 20 minutes, they were able to connect with the Police, who quickly dispatched a team to the house. In the interim, the fanatics gave the slip and escaped from the location.

Once the Police arrived at 5.00 pm and were briefed about the attack. They were detained all night at the Police Station as they were wrongfully convicted of charges.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, on his way to the Court to apply for bail this morning, Father Vincent seemed upbeat but was sad that they members of the group were injured in this attack.

Church, please pray for Father Vincent and the members of the Prayer Group.



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