Call for early intervention to resolve conflict in village

Call for early intervention to resolve conflict in village


Representatives of four human rights organisations who took part in a fact-finding mission at Sathyamoorthy Nagar near Samaya Nallur have demanded the government to intervene and resolve the conflict that arose within a scheduled tribe community.

FIR’s have been filed against members of both religions regarding conversions. Members of both the Christian and Hindu groups petitioned the district administration regarding the issue but delay in intervention had led to it becoming blown out of proportion, members of the Christian community allege. There are about 500 ST families in that place of which 30 are Christians.

Representatives of People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Madhaveri Edhirppu Kootamaippu, People’s Watch and SOCO Trust, who took part in the fact-finding mission, said that there were simmering differences between the two groups since 2012. However, tensions flared up when Hindu Munnani hoisted its flag at the village entrance.

Tension between the two groups of Kaatunaicker community resulted in 22 Christian families ex-communicated from the village since July 28, said national secretary of PUCL R. Murali. “Had the district administration conducted peace talks, the issue would not have flared up,” he told media persons on Sunday.

  1. J. Rajan from Madaveri Edhirppu Kootamaippu said there were several unwritten laws in the village that were against constitutional rights to practice one’s religion.
  2. Selva Gomathi, Managing Trustee of SOCO Trust, formed part of the team.


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