After stopping Haj subsidy, BJP offers to send Christians to Jerusalem — for free

After stopping Haj subsidy, BJP offers to send Christians to Jerusalem — for free

TIMESOFINDIA.COM | Updated: Feb 14, 2018, 09:32 IST

Jerusalem’s Old City (Photo: AP)

NEW DELHI: Just about a month after canceling government subsidized Haj pilgrimages, the BJP is offering Christians free trips to Jerusalem if elected to power in Nagaland, reported northeastern news outlets.

It’s unclear if the BJP is offering this to all of India’s Christians, or only to Christians in the northeast, or only to Christians in Nagaland.

The BJP’s offer comes in the run-up to elections in three northeastern states – Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura – later this month. In Meghalaya, almost 75 percent of the population is Christian. In Nagaland, 88 percent of the population is Christian.

“The BJP has made an election promise to send Christians to Jerusalem on a free trip, if elected to power in Nagaland,” tweeted news outlet WeThe Nagas’’. UNI news agency reported that the free Jerusalem trip has only been offered to Christians in Nagaland.

The BJP’s offer, some said, smacked of hypocrisy and opportunism, especially considering the cancellation of Haj subsidies.

“BJP promise to send Christians on a free trip. I was right, BJP continues with subsidy if it suits its electoral needs. This is (what BJP means by) ‘India first’ “, tweeted AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi.

When announcing the end of haj subsidies last month, Union minority affairs minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said the BJP-led Centre believes in empowering the minority community with dignity and not appeasement.

“We believe in empowerment without appeasement…Development with dignity is what we believe in. The haj subsidy will be used for educating girls,” said Naqvi.

After this decision was announced, Left party CPM said that they were in principle opposed to subsidies for all religious pilgrimages, but were not in favour of the government abruptly stopping the haj subsidy, considering the Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that it should be phased out over a 10-year period.

AIMIM MP Owaisi said he had always been in favour of ending the haj subsidy but sought parity in norms for pilgrims of all religions. The Hyderabad MP lashed out at the government for its discriminatory decision, ending Haj subsidy but allowing subsidies to continue for Hindu pilgrimages like the Mansarovar Yatra.

The Israeli press was a tad amused by the BJP’s offer to send Christians on a free trip to Jerusalem. It called the BJP’s announcement a campaign promise and alluded such promises were often overblown.

“Campaign promises around the world are legendary, from ‘a roast in every pot,’ to ‘I’ll cut your taxes,’ to ‘vote for me, and I’ll set you free’ “, wrote The Jerusalem Post.

It also said many countries have over time sponsored or subsidized trips religious trips for their citizens.

Source: Times of India


Our Comment :  Pray for the ruling party that they should be sincere and honest on their approach towards Christians in India. They are  not allowing Christians to worship in India at their own properties but sending them for free to worship in Jerusalem were our Lord and Saviour died and Resurrected for the mankind.

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27 thoughts on “After stopping Haj subsidy, BJP offers to send Christians to Jerusalem — for free”

  1. Christian of this country should not accept any type of offers from BJP because they are like Satan to trap us. So beware

  2. The BJP’s offer, exposes the hypocrisy and opportunism, these sly party plays with the people of India. They are no allowing us to worship peacefully in our own place of worship. Now this is the work of Satan to lure innocent Christians tempting them to like the traitors. Since Megalaya and Nagaland has maximum Christians and the BJP is aware that they will not win these states, this type of offers are placed as election promises. The Jerusalem Post has rightly said “Campaign promises around the world are legendary, from ‘a roast in every pot,’ to ‘I’ll cut your taxes,’ to ‘vote for me, and I’ll set you free’ “ .
    Christians, beware of the sweet talk and offers from BJP. Be alert and exercise your franchise according to the will of The Lord prayerfully.

  3. BJP’ favour for Christian in Nagaland is obviously a lust for power.They offer what Christians don’t need but they do not give safety what Christians in India desperately want.
    Christians want them to be more rationalistic if they really pursue for unselfish services for the welfare of the people in land.

  4. This is just a false promise just like Modi promised before the election that if Bjp come to power, he will bring petrol price in to 40rs. See now what happened. So this promise also same like one of them.

  5. Christians should not accept bribe from Govt. Any party not standing by its own commitment to nations welfare and adherence to constitution should never be elected.

  6. Free trip for Christians to Jerusalem is not required. Whoever wants to visit the historical place it is well and good. Bible doesn’t say that any one should go to Jerusalem for salvation. Our belif is key for salvation. The government whichever is in power must stop any types of subsidies for pilgrimage trip. Pilgrims must be made by generating source from own side as per the any other religion faith, If it is done in others fund that blessings will go to funding person or party so govt must totally stop such policy. If the govt is having double standards policy that itself shows the nature of such party or govt. so I am not fafour of as such amen

  7. This offer could not be needed by the Christians and also everybody knows that it is election drama of BJP for votes.

  8. This is only a cheating offer and it is a trap. We don’t need a free trip to Jerusalem but we need freedom to worship and preach the gospel.

  9. God has enabled Indian Christians to go to Israel or Vatican. Or Europe for pilgrimage from their earnings and we don’t need some one s money to fulfil our religious and spiritual needs and let Government work for common good of all.

  10. LOL If BJP thinks true Christians can be bought by showing them lollipops, they’re in fool’s paradise. As for Christians, their daily walk in life is the pilgrimage, not go visit some random place.

  11. Outrageous offer lacks sensibility..what do they think that we are born to be bribed? We dont need a free ticket to know Jesus ..we know him from our soul..we worship him from heart! Allow everyone to be an INDIAN FIRST do away with the barbaric act of killing people with various esquses, allow everyone to worship in their own places..that alone will do good for this nation.

  12. This is always been false promises from BJP Govt. We Christians do not agree to this and vote for them rather we shall fight for it.

  13. நாங்கள் எருசலேம் செல்ல வேண்டும்.ஆனால் எவா் கொடுக்கும் பணத்திலும் அல்ல..எங்கள் தேவன் உதவியும்,கிருபையும் இருந்தால் போதும்.ஆமெள்.

  14. Christians belong to different denominations!! One denomination tries to appease saying what u believe in is wrong to attain salvation!! It cud be mediation, baptism, the way the clergy address us standing in the alter, clergy being married r bachelor and the greatest thing is communion not given to any believer who attends the mass, the sheep has to be frm the same herd!! When such is the condition of Christians, when the Holy Bible clearly says that revival of the church cannot occur without unity!! Hw united r we?? When such is the case anything can happen in politics!!
    Let’s leave it to the wisdom of the voters , let good people get elected!! Party is not important the welfare of the community is important!! God bless

  15. Nothing is life comes free, if the BJP is giving something free,, people know the catch,, Christians will not fall for such offers

  16. In a Christians life living according to the teachings and doctrines of Jesus is more important than going on pilgrimage to Jerusalem. If any individual wants to visit Holy Land it should be wirh his money and not on government expenses

  17. Christ is the saviour of the world. Real Jerusalem is in heaven towards which we Christians are travelling through the difficult terrains and climes of this world. Christ is with us in this pilgrimage and he already bore the cost of my travel. I don’t need any assistance from authorities or political parties for my pilgrimage to the true Jerusalem.

  18. Why Nagaland Or Megalaya we all as a child of God should know very well that the deceiver “Satan” is working very hard to deceive God children it’s written in the Bible in the End time all this things will happen we don’t have to sell our soul in this cheap way because we’re bought by most high saviour blood. ‘ JERUSALEM ‘ is in heaven. It’s real testing time for all who are prepared for Jesus coming will not effect by worldly things..we should pray for the unsafe soul.

  19. North East India Christian community, please do not fall prey to the BJP election gimmicks. We are receiving the news that every day in different states of India Christian community is targeted by the same party rulers by not allowing Christians to worship Jesus in the churches, homes. This statement comes from the BJP as another kind of mask.

  20. Christian faith, Salvation has not any bearing with Pilgrimage, its only a man’s tourism spirit mostly during the last part of ones life. It should not be used as Bait by any electoral party. Be aware of such hypocracies of any electioneering political partues in India. Its only like wooing girls with promiae not to let her work even in the food preparation in kitchen.

  21. What happened to Eve in the garden of Eden when the serpent tempted? The same thing is happening here with the Christians by BJP they are trying hard to get votes .
    Who are they to send our Christians to Jerusalem free of cost ?
    Don’t they know we Christians are the children of the most high God. God will enable us if we have to when we have to .
    Don’t trust the BJP they are like the Satan
    Who is waiting to devour the children of God.
    Christians stand up for we are children of the great King JESUS who is the “KING of kings and LORD of lords”
    DONOT give your votes to the bjp they don’t deserve

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