Brutally beaten for visiting Christian friend, Odisha

Brutally beaten for visiting Christian friend, Odisha

A mob of religious fundamentalists, dragged out Pastor Mukunda Sagar, who was visiting a Christian family and brutally beat him.

On 10th June, Pastor Mukunda he had gone to visit Bro. Bihari Khondu and his family at Kumelsingha Village, Odisha, which is around 5 kms away his residence. After meeting the family, as Pastor was about to leave, he began praying for the family.

2 unknown persons called out to Pastor and asked him to step out as they wanted to ask him something. Trusting and in all simplicity, he obliged and stepped out to a waiting mob of religious fundamentalists. They got hold of him, dragged him out of the house and brutally beat him with sticks, rods, pipes etc.  The frenzied mob tore his clothes and stripped him down to his underwear, abusing him for following Jesus Christ.

Seeing that he had visited on a motor bike, they asked him for the keys. He told them that the keys were left behind at Bro. Bihari Khondu’s house. They sent him back, in his underwear, to get the keys from his friend’s house. Once he got inside the house, he ran out from the back exit, scaled the wall and ran into the nearby fields and took cover by lying on the ground. In the cover of darkness, he could observe the militant mob hunting for him, with their torches. Sensing danger, he removed his white vest and lay under cover for around 2 hours.

Finally, since he had the mobile phone in his possession, he called his friends who rescued him from this brutal ordeal. Pastor was taken to a Government Hospital for immediate attention. Since he in pain, he wants to take an x-ray to rule out any broken bones and visit a private hospital.

Pastor Shravan Kumar called Persecution Relief to update about this incident.  We praise God for Pastor Shravan who, while is no way associated with Pastor, traveled around 30 kms on hearing that a fellow believer was brutally beaten –  to encourage, stir him up in love and strengthen him in the Lord.  We pray that each one of us will learn from this life lesson and apply to our own lives.

Pastor Mukund expressed gratitude to God for rescuing him, keeping him alive and bringing him back home to his family.

“I love Jesus and Jesus Christ loves me. This I know for sure”.

Pastor has lodged a complaint with SP Bargarh, Odisha, India.

Church, please pray for Pastor to remain steadfast and press on with the Gospel, forgiving his persecutors.

Pray for the persecutors, that their lives would be touched and changed by the true and living God.

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