British rule was better than today’s government: Gandhi’s PA

British rule was better than today’s government: Gandhi’s PA

TNN | Updated: Oct 3, 2018, 08:50 IST


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MADURAI: “The British Raj was much better than present-day rulers and I would prefer a British rule to the present one,” said V Kalyanam, who was the personal assistant to Mahatma Gandhi, in Madurai on Tuesday. 

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Kalyanam, now 96, said he felt the present-day rulers in the country had failed to provide the governance that Gandhiji had envisioned. “There was no corruption during the British rule and Gandhiji himself had commended their administrative excellence many times,” he said, adding that governance might have been better had the government established under Netaji’s leadership after Independence. 

Inaugurating the philately exhibition at the Gandhi Museum as part of 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji, he went down memory lane recalling the days at the Ashram with Gandhiji when everyone had to wake up at 3am and participate in a prayer session. “He used to dictate letters and I would write them down, and he would later make corrections with a pencil,” he said. Some of these letters which had been corrected by Gandhi were on display at the philately exhibition.

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He also launched the Hobee trust, which aims at promoting various hobbies, including philately at the event. 

The philately exhibition, organised by philatelists S Vijaykumar, T Madan and P Vijaykumar, has on display special stamps, first day covers, commemorative stamps among others. There are also stamps and letterheads that remember Kasturba Gandhi

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