Brethren Evangelists arrested, Rajasthan – UPDATE

Persecution Relief Update at 24th of May 1:45 PM

Evangelists Arrested at Khajuwala, Bikaner – Rajasthan

Although the three Evangelists – Vijender Singh, Sahiram and Kanshiram – received Bail from the Sub Division Magistrate yesterday, they were not released as the fanatics created a lot of trouble. The religious fanatics filed another complaint against them.

They are now in Police Custody for non-bailable offence (under IPC 295a). They were produced in the court this morning but they were refused Bail and now need to get Bail from the Sessions Court.

They are being shifted to Bikaner and the hearing could be scheduled for tomorrow, God willing.

Please continue to pray for heavenly intervention, for their release and safety. Also, please pray for the Religious Fanatics, who are opposing the Gospel, that they may come to the feet of our LORD like Saul.

Brethren Evangelists arrested, Rajasthan

Evangelist Vijender Singh along with Evangelist Kanshiram from Churur and Evangelist Sahiram from Ganga Nagar, had gone to 14 Bd. Village, located in Khajuwala Tehsil of Bikaner District of Rajasthan. All of the Evangelists are affiliated with the Brethren Church.

On 22nd May, around 9 am, the Evangelists were mobbed by local villagers who falsely accused them of indulging in conversion activities as they were distributing Bible Tracts titled “Parmeshwar Ka Susamachar”. They were then forcibly taken to the Khajuwala Police Station.

Persecution Relief received a call from Bro. Boaz, who briefed us about the incident. On contacting the local Police and speaking to the TI Mr. Vikram Singh, our Team was told that they were investigating the incident.

On our follow up call, we were informed that the Police were on their way to the site of the incident, along with the Evangelists. The Police Officials assured us of their early release.

All the 3-mobile telephone of the Evangelists went unanswered as the Police was not allowing them to take any calls.

Bro.  Kulwinder, the elder brother of Evg. Vijender, is on the way to Khajuwala Police Station.

Religious fanatics are exerting pressure on the Police Administration, not to release the Evangelists.

Church, please pray for their immediate release.

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