Brethren Convention forcibly stopped at Gujarat

Brethren Assembly, Surat, Gujarat had organized a 3-day convention commencing from 1st Feb to 4th Feb 2018.

On 01 February, Evangelist Samuel Thomas (Mathura) was the first speaker. 5 minutes into the introduction, he was rudely interrupted by a man in the audience, who began to raise aggressive and confrontational questions. Suddenly, a mob rushed in and started shouting and creating a racket. They also demanded that everyone leave the venue.

The Speaker and the believers had to leave the place as they threatened to attack the rest of the congregation. They even roughed up a few of the believers, ransacked and vandalized the venue,  throwing chairs etc. with total impunity

They also burned the Holy Bibles, Christian literature and other books which were kept for distribution. The Convention which was scheduled for 3 days is now stands cancelled. Please pray for the safely of the believers across India.

Brethren Assembly’s Church has wholeheartedly forgiven the Persecutors showing exactly the same love that Jesus has shown.

Church, please pray for the Persecutors.


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29 thoughts on “Brethren Convention forcibly stopped at Gujarat”

  1. The matter should be reported to Police. Culprits should be published. Article 25 of the Constitution of India, provide the freedom to adopt any religion and spread the religious activity. No one has a right to disturb the religious activity.

    1. Articles are made to use conveniently to amend when required by the evil force. It is changing time to time and people to people in India. No doubt very soon our bible will be banned conveniently. But we are to pray for them.

  2. Greetings in the sweetest name the lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m pastor Kuber Nayak from Bhopal. Really. by you only i can get all information how Christians. facing terible presicution.. We are praying God will give protection in the name of Jesus Amen, thanks

  3. Only God can help us. Let’s pray earnestly. No party, no Nation can help us. God is in control. By the way, let’s stop advertising what we are doing. Now a day much advertising is seen even in face book some people advertise baptism, spiritual meetings without much preparation in prayer,etc. That must stop. We must give more time for prayer and start doing something without much publicity.

    1. Yes. I agree with you.
      We need to do evangelism work very carefully. And if you are going to conduct a gospel program then ask all participants to fill a form also. Along with basic information you can add one more important point-
      “I am attending this camp voluntarily. I am here to learn something…” Sign.
      Avoiding much advertisement in social media is good way.
      we started doing this from 2017 onwards.

  4. If we try to take action against the culprits, we can’t demonstrate the love of our Lord. It is good that the believers are kind enough to forgive to the prople who have attacked them. Also it is not against them, but againat our Lord. Let’s pray for them. They too should come to the knowledge of our Lord. Our Lord is in control.

  5. Praise the Lord..
    Did you report to police? If not then please do it otherwise, they may blame why you did not informe to police. I hope you might have taken police permission. We are citizens of India and it is our right to conduct prayer meetings, so prayer is there but we should not give up.

    1. To conduct public gospel meetings such as this must be informed to the police and we can get even police security and can avoid such devolopments.We do that in madhyapradeh.In many ways practising our faith is curtailed by some fundamental groups with the support of the ruling party.

      1. We conducted the meetings at the same place last year peacefully.. Police permission for PA system was taken bro.. Taking security from unbelieving people for the Lords programme was not convincing to us.. We are happy that we faced opposition. Only sad that they burnt the bibles. Please pray for their salvation. We understand that the Lord is bringing a revival in Surat. May His name be glorified.. Amen

  6. Let us deal with the enemy as per the Gospel of Grace…not as per the theory of justice..Thanks for the brethren …It is only starting..We are going to face the persecution much more in coming days for the Glory of God…Much prayer is required for suffer gracefully..

  7. I agree with Samuel Gill. Lodge a FIR with local police station. Do not let these rascals Scotland free. This would prevent them from repeating the act again.

  8. It is very sad to know about this situation. We keep culprits in our prayers so that they may come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

  9. Dear Brethren,

    Remember Saul, who one persecuted christian, God intervened and he had become one of most useful instrument for God.

    We should pray for this vandalizers, Psalms 118 -8 It is better to trust in the Lord, than to trust in man
    9- It is better to trust in the Lord than to put trust in the rulers…

    The first century went through persecution and we in this present age are prone too.

    The coming of the Lord is near.

    1. If it can happen in Kerala it can happen anywhere. Recently the Church of God Gate was removed and flags planted on the Premises at Kumbanad. This Church and ground is more than 50 years old.

  10. Such incidents should be reported to police as soon as possible. Otherwise such communal people being the tools in the hands of Satan will become emboldened and will attack on our community of Christians without any fear of law.

  11. Praise God. Our mission is to spread the Word of God and lets continue to do that. While we do that, lets also encourage each and every believer to pray for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Let us include this in all our prayer meetings.

  12. Dear brethren pray for the persecutors. As an assembly we prayed many months fasted for the exaltation of our Lord among the 65 lackhs in the city of Surat .We are going to see great revival in Surat. All India is going to accept Jesu as the Lord of Lords.As the meeting conducted no disturbancn happened in the past. Again do we find any where such protection of authorities for the spreading of gospel ? .Daniel never went Darius for the protection from lions. Esra ashamed to ask king for the protection their journy.
    Last 35 years I have been serving the
    Lord but no perpepersecution seen, this is the first time in the history of Surat .If we count our safety then no souls be saved. We need to launch into deep. Let us not count our safety. But the souls eternity. Our belivers in the assembly strengthened count as privilageou

  13. Was due permission taken from the concerned officials?? Please report the matter to the prime ministers office by email and twitter!! Please put the relevant documents on every site including the names and the organisation who disrupted the peaceful even!! Dr Anil Thomas!!

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