Bombay High Court intervenes and declares Good Friday Holiday in Dadra Nagra Haveli & Daman and Diu

Bombay High Court intervenes and declares Good Friday Holiday in Dadra Nagra Haveli & Daman and Diu

The Christian community is grateful to the judiciary for timely intervention

Following the cancellation notice by the administration of the Union Territories of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu, declaring that ‘Good Friday’ of this year 2019 would cease to be a gazetted holiday, caused the Christian community in those Territories to be overwhelmingly distressed as the Good Friday holiday is held sacred universally.

The decision by the Administration to scrap off the Good Friday holiday at Dadra and Nagar Haveli was totally unacceptable and unjustifiable and the Christian community vehemently condemned such a move as it implies a direct attack on the rights of the Christian minorities.

The world over, Good Friday is known even in secular societies, as a very sacred Christian holiday, and the Government of India has also gazetted it as a national holiday since the last 72 years. Hence scrapping it off, highly offends the sentiments of the Christian community in the country as it is also seen an attempt to vitiate communal harmony by certain groups during these forth coming elections.

Though Christians are a micro minority in demographics, its substantial contribution to social development which amounts to two thirds, in this nation is undeniable. Instead of appreciating the Christian community for its selfless efforts to alleviate and ameliorate the nation in several spheres, scrapping Good Friday holiday was absolutely unfair and unjustifiable under any circumstance.

Having appealed to the Government authorities against this injustice who turned a deaf ear, the Christian community thru the *ADF* were compelled to seek redressal from the High Court to undo this injustice which they are grateful to the judiciary for the timely intervention.

The Hon. Chief Justice agreed with our arguments that a holiday of a religious minority cannot be arbitrarily cancelled which goes against the basic tenets of secularism. We are also grateful to Sr.Counsel Haresh Jagtiani who took time out from his busy schedule to appear for us. We also thank the efforts of Adv.Jayant Bardeskar and Adv.Siju Thomas and Bro.Gul Kripalani with whose efforts we got the service of Sr.Counsel Haresh Jagtiani

Dr.Abraham Mathai
President- Indian Christian Voice &
Advisor to Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)

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