BJP deplores police memo on protection of churches

BJP deplores police memo on protection of churches

BJP city president M. Nagendra and Dharmika Cell State convener T.S.K. Chaitanya Sarma addressing the media in Visakhapatnam on Thursday.

Special CorrespondentVISAKHAPATNAM 19 JULY 2019 01:24 IST

UPDATED: 20 JULY 2019 10:09 IST

Dharmika Cell leaders want the circular withdrawn in 48 hours


The BJP and its Dharmika Cell have condemned a memo issued by City Police Commissioner R.K. Meena on protective measures to churches, saying that it would affect the reputation of Visakhapatnam which is is known for its communal harmony. They also wanted that the circuclar be withdrawn in 48 hours.

The memo that was issued on the basis of a complaint lodged by one B. Daniel Syam on the Chief Minister’s ‘Spandana’ portal directed Assistant Commissioners of Police to make monthly visits to churches, BJP city president M. Nagendra told the media here on Thursday.

“The memo was issued on the basis of an individual’s complaint, without gathering inputs from Central or State intelligence agencies. The city is known for the peaceful coexistence of various communities and has no history of clashes or attacks on places of worship. Creating such an impression may lead to tension among communities. The issue will be taken to the notice of the government and raised in the Legislative Council,” Mr. Nagendra said.

Dharmika Cell State convener T.S.K. Chaitanya Sarma wanted to know whether the blanket memo had got the approval of the Director-General of Police (DGP).

‘Unfounded apprehensions’

BJP Right to Information Cell State convener Syam Prasad Mukherjee said the memo had given room for interpretation since it was not in general for other communities or places of worship. “By responding to such unfounded apprehensions, the memo has hit the credibility of the city, a home to several communities and its progress as a hub for industry and tourism,” he said.

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