Hundreds of Bibles burned by zealots

On 25th January, Bro. Anandham, Retired Sub- Inspector, at Singavatam Village, Kollarpuram Mandil, Kurnool Nagar, Telangana State, and a group of Christians were distributing New Testament Bibles.

Suddenly, a mob of religious fundamentalists attacked them and confiscated the Bibles.

Subsequently, we received this video, which shows the group of religious fanatics burning the seized Bibles. While it took roughly 2 minutes (the length of the video) for the bonfire of hundreds of Bibles, we are doubtful how many more copies it will take to make it a newsworthy flame!

It is ironic that as India commemorated “Republic Day”, honoring the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect – 69 years ago, that such a shameful and cowardly act would be done, with complete impunity and totally contrary to what the Constitution propagates.

For your information, Article 25 of the Indian Constitution reads:

Article 25(1) in The Constitution of India 1949

Subject to public order, morality and health and to the other provisions of this Part, all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practice and propagate religion.

  • Let us lift up fervent prayers that the gospel of Jesus Christ will spread like wild fire in India
  • Let us not be satisfied with sparks from the small bonfire but let the true gospel of Jesus Christ spread like wild fire in India
  • Pray that God will give the Church open doors to preach the gospel
  • Pray that God will send forth servants, who are faithful, bearing the fruit of the gospel, and courageous to proclaim it
  • Pray that God will remove every hatred and animosity towards those that are anti-Christian and do not have the light of Jesus Christ
  • Pray that God will give us “the same attitude which was in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 2:5)


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2 thoughts on “Hundreds of Bibles burned by zealots”

  1. Christians form thw majority religious group of people in the World..but strangely enough there has been no reports or outrage in any Newspapers or Media in any Christian country..
    Is this because of apathy, fear or unwillingness to enter into the fray and fight for the rights of persecuted Christians? Or is it the fear of upsetting PM Modi by those ‘Christian’ countries seeking to have his support in the current World Arena of Cat n Mouse games of retaining power?
    Its time PM Modi banned any radical Hindu Political Party inflicting its brand of terrorism on innocent and passive Christians, Minority Communities and the poor and dowmtrodden Castes in the Country. Or this will spell the deathnell of Democracy in India and the Indian Constitution which has been the pride of the Nation.

    1. Wit God all things r possible. One man wit God is majority. If God b wit us who can b against?. Its not by might not by powr but by My Spirit says d Lord. V decree n declar tat rteous sons of God to rise frm all sides wit the spirit of Joshua n Caleb n courageously stand strong n b victorious n prosperous in Jesus mighty n loving name amen n amen

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