Believers prevented from meeting for Sunday worship in Bellary district, Karnataka

Believers prevented from meeting for Sunday worship in Bellary district, Karnataka

Filadalfia Felllowship  has been holding Sunday worship service for the past five years in a shed at a rented premises in Anthyal village near Bellary district, Karnataka state. 

On the morning of  24th March, 2019, a  group of religious fanatics led by the village head stood in front of the Sunday worship premises and did not allow anyone to enter the worship service.

The local pastor, Pastor Mahentesh, repeatedly tried to convince them that this was a peaceful gathering for prayer. He said that he had not seen any of them in the village before. However, they were not ready to listen to anything he said and they told him, “You are not from this village and we will never allow you to enter this village in future.” 

The Hindu fanatics across India are hunting down Christian worship services in the villages. They forcefully stop the meetings and threaten the pastors and believers not to attend the meetings in future!

In 2018 Persecution Relief has recorded 477 cases.

Church Attack’s: 91 Cases 

Physical Attack’s: 62 Cases 

Detained/Arrested falsely: 85 Cases

Boycott/ Discrimination: 28 Cases

Hate Campaign: 25 Cases 

Restriction on Religious Assembly: 19 Cases 

Threat/Harassment: 122 Cases  

Church Burnt: 10 Cases 

Church, please pray for the persecuted church in India, that gatherings would not be disrupted!

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