Believers Beaten up during the meeting, Madhya Pradesh

Believers Beaten up during the meeting, Madhya Pradesh

Pr Dadu  Chacko,  Founder of Sparsh Bharat called the Founder of Persecution Relief, Mr Thomas and briefed him about the persecution being faced by his local Pastor in Dhar District of Madhya Pradesh.

Pr Bharat Bhai chose to work in  Ambedi a Village in Sardarpur Tehsil in Dhar District of Madhya Pradesh State after he graduated in Theology from Bhopal.

Bharat has more than 40 Christians who attend his church. One of the weekly meeting was in progress on 10/09/19 at Ambedi village, at the residence of a Christian named Romal Bhai. The meeting started around 10AM and by 11AM a group of Religious Fanatics surrounded the residence of Romal while some of them got into the house and threatened them to  stop the meeting and said that they  would not allow any conversion to happen there. The fanatics also told them to stop the meetings and to make sure that none should  be held anymore in the future. During the argument the Fanatics started slapping a Christian (Man Singh) and they even hit him with bricks. Bharat was also manhandled.

Later the house owner got in between and stopped the fight.  He asked the fanatics  what right they had to stop him from holding  meetings in his own home, and that they would continue to meet,but will stop for now. After hearing this the fanatics left.

Later, a few believers dropped of Bharat, but the fanatics tried to manhandle the Pastor while the Believers resisted so they just pushed him.

This morning Bharat and the  Believers met  the Sarpanch (Village Head) and briefed him about the incident, the fanatics also called a meeting this morning and decided to file a complaint against the believers.

Church Pray for the safety of the believers and the Pastor.

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