Beaten but not broken, Uttarakhand


Beaten but not broken, Uttarakhand

The city of Haridwar is one of the seven most sacred Hindu destinations all over the world in Uttarakhand state.

Pastor Vipin Kumar has been pastoring ‘’Masihi Shrot Church’’, at Sultanpur Village in Laskar of Haridwar district. Around 12 families congregate every Sunday to worship Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, 4th March, the families assembled to worship at the residence of Bro. Mukesh as was customary. The worship service started at 9:30 am and the meeting concluded by 11:00 am. As the congregation were dispersing and Pr. Vipin sending them off, 2 policemen walked in and asked Pr to accompany them to Kotwali Police station at Laskar.

Obviously, Pastor wanted to know the reason – if there was an offence or if he was being arrested. Instead, the Policemen responded harshly and rudely demanded that he accompany them to the Police station. They claimed that they had received complaints of conversion activities. Around 12 noon, left with no option, Pastor accompanied the Police to the Station.

At the Police Station, he was further physically assaulted and slapped by the Policemen. The House Owner (where the meeting was conducted), Bro. Mukesh who had also accompanied Pastor was beaten up by the Police.

Persecution Relief was informed about the incident. Pastor Vipin was contacted at the Police Station. The team encouraged him in the Lord and prayed with him, assuring him of all support.

A Complaint was filed against Pastor under IPC Section 81 and around 7.00 pm, he was released, after depositing a Challan for Rs. 500/-.

Pr Vipin Kumar is a devoted Christian. 2 years ago, he had a miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ and his life has since, radically changed. Speaking to the Founder of Persecution Relief, Pastor Vipin was very excited about this experience and thanked God, for the privilege and honour to be His chosen vessel, to undergo this persecution. Praise God!

“No turning back, I will continue serving the Lord”, were his words of triumphant endurance and faith in God.

Church, pray that as persecution grows wider and more intense, the enthusiasm of the Christians and their power of resistance may grow stronger and stronger.

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