Balaram Sagar: Ablaze & Unburned- The Cop Who Nabbed Dara Singh! The killer of Graham Staines and sons

Balaram Sagar: Ablaze & UnburnedThe Cop Who Nabbed Dara Singh! The killer of Graham Staines and sons

I am Balaram Sagar, a Police Officer- Odisha police. I was an orthodox Hindu and a devotee of Ram, Shiva and Durga. Iused to sacrifice goats and chickens in front of the goddess Durga. I hated Christian people and always asked them, ‘if Jesus couldn’t save Himself from the cross, how is He going to save you?’ I was not aware of how loving Jesus Christ is. Time is very powerful and important in every person’s life.

On the night of the 22nd of January 1999, the most dedicated missionaries Graham Stuart Staines, working among the leprosy patients along with his wife Gladys Staines in Baripada in the Mayurbhanj district was killed along with his two young sons at Monaharpur in Keonjhar, a district in Odisha.

About 35 religious fanatics, under the leadership of Dara Singh alias Rabindra Pal Kumar set fire to a vehicle in which Graham Stuart Staines and his two sons Philip and Timothy were sleeping and burnt them alive.

The news spread like an electric current in no time to all the countries of the world. Since that terrible incident, Dara Singh hid himself in the deep forest and at the top of the hills to avoid being arrested. Of course, police personnel were also afraid of him.

At that time I was posted at Thakurmunda police station as an Officer in Charge of the police station. It was the month of September 1999. After I joined, I was terrorised in that area. Dara Singh’s presence was very much felt during that period.

One day, a close associate of Dara Singh came to me. I had been chasing him for a while, trying to make contact with Dara. He presented me with a proposal. He told me that Dara Singh requires a gun. I could disguise myself as a gun seller and then capture Dara Singh!

I was prepared for the operation. I grew a beard , tied a towel on my head, wore a lungi and an old T-shirt and arranged a big gun for Dara Singh and covered it with a sack.

On the appointed date, i.e 31st of January 2000, we proceeded by vehicle and parked it on the way. We walked 12 kms to the place where I was supposed to meet Dara Singh. My police force remained at the foothills and I along with the associate of Dara, climbed the hill.

It was a dark night and roughly around 11pm. There wereabout 7 people with Dara Singh. After the dealing of the gun, I pounced over Dara Singh and both of us tussled on the ground. While I over powered and sat on him, I fired my personal pistol twice in the sky. I had hidden it on my waist.

Four persons ran away and two persons were afraid and stoodnearby. They were trembling. After the blank fire, my police force came to my rescue and Dara Singh was brought to thepolice station.

Two years after Dara Singh was captured, on the 16th of January 2002, a terrible incident occurred in my life. My wifewas severely burned while she was boiling milk on the gas for my child. Both her legs was affected. I admitted her into a burn unit for treatment and her condition improved.

However, her lungs were not functioning well. I was very afraid. It was at that time when one of my friends told me about Jesus Christ. We called a Pastor on the 27th of January 2002. He came and prayed for my wife. Of course, Iimmediately felt the power of Jesus and began to trust Him and believe in Him. Unfortunately, on the 13th of February 2002, my wife passed away.

On the 12th of March 2002, I got water baptized. 7 days after my baptism, the Lord Jesus Christ blessed me with the gift of healing and after 15 days He blessed me with the gift of casting out demons. The police station became a healing station and preaching centre. Hundreds of people came to the police station for prayers. Sick people were being healed by Jesus and those who were demon possessed were set free.

Newspapers published fake news about me and religious fanatics groups raised their voices against me before thedistrict administration. They also appealed to the Chief Minister and Director General of Police to take action against me. I was not afraid of their false allegations and continuedpraying for the sick people at the police station also. The fanatics approached me on many occasions and tried to force me to go back to my prior religion. But my Lord stood with me.

I was severely persecuted. My batch mates became DSP but the government did not give me any promotion. During my PG, second year I was selected as a direct police Sub Inspector in 1988. Since then I was not even promoted once. After accepting Jesus Christ, I faced persecution from my department, directly and indirectly. Even though I capturedDara Singh, no promotion was given to me.

For the past 2 years, I have been suspended, after false allegations were made against me. I have filled a case at theHigh Court concerning this. If the orders are in my favour, Iwill have my job back. I request all the ministers of God andPersecution Relief to pray for me and my family.

I am now involved in full time ministry and I also lead a Church at Dasamanthpur in Koraput district in Odisha. I am involved in the Evangelical and Healing ministry.

I have 2 sons from my first marriage, 1) S Jugal Kishore. After B.SC at Delhi University he is preparing for UPSC exams. 2) S Rohit Kumar is in his final year of Engineering. I remarried and we now are blessed with two daughters. 1) S Angel studying in class 11th Science. 2)  S Twinkle studying inclass 7th. Jesus Christ is a very Good and beautiful God. He is the Producer and He is the Provider. My Lord is looking afterme and my family even though our requirements are vast.

My mother and sister were also burnt while they were offering puja and died on the same day in 1993. Pray for me and my family as we are often faced with difficult challenges. I am happy even in my suffering. More suffering gives me more gladness. Praise be to God. I have forgiven everyone who has wronged me and as God has forgiven me, I ask forgiveness from anyone whom I may have wronged.


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