Attacks on Christian Educational Institutions continue

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13 thoughts on “Attacks on Christian Educational Institutions continue”

    1. Dr Antony, pl check out Sermon on the mount in Matthew 5,6&7. Jesus tells us to react like children of God

  1. These RSS will send there children for the best education to christian education and all are well employed and there generation also finished education in majority of these christian education and now they want to destroy these institutions. This people are doing by ignorance and by hate but still we pray for them becuase our Bible does not teach hate but only love. Jesus loves you brother so don’t do these atrocities to sincere people and there institutions.

  2. Lets pray that the love of God may open their heart and mind to accept truth and forsake evil darkness for which they are fighting.

  3. Christians have been serving the motherland India by providing education , health services, etc. But the efforts to impose / force Hindutva in Christian educational institutions is going to disturb / curb or even bring to a drastic halt, the community peace and the overall development of yputh and children. We Christians want to serve our nation India, but these movements that spread hatred and division, are only a huge hurdle to such. They will never allow the poor sections and marginalised communities to come up. They spread only hatred and jealousy. Let us pray for the revival of the nation and all these people.

  4. Yes. Let us pray for them.Place like Bihar…..what shall I say…..

    See Kerala…. Let them learn something from them.Stay Blessed.

  5. As per Indian Constitution, every one has a (fundamental) right to preach his/her religion. No one has a right to impose his/her religion forcefully on others.
    And but the Bible says,” Yes , and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution”. 2 Timothy 3 :12

  6. They are jealous about christians as we follow the true living God.And these are the signs of second coming of our Lord Jesus.As He said “Heaven and Earth will pass away but not my word”
    As you will be hated for my name sake.
    Alleluia .Glory to God.

  7. Lets all try our best to teach them a lesson not by way of revenge nor vengence but by resorting to fasting prayer so that God allow them to meet angels whenever they approach churches or places of worship for destruction. Lets all pray God to revenge them like He did in the case of Saul/Paul, Sadhu Sunder Singh. All Christian Institutes shall cause great people of their products to write articles, poems, symbolising fanatics to persons who kill their alma mater after being highly educated. A little or big lesson may be had if one is successful in influencing or appealing UK & Australia & ors to teach Hindus of their countries a lesson by destroying a place or more of their worship or chasing them out therefrom.

  8. Why RSS attacks Christian schools ? It hates Muslims getting education so that they become presidents and prime minister’s of India. RSS is very happy if a muslim becomes narrow minded and become a bin Laden just like themselves so that they can live by inviting violence againist Muslims using love jihad etcc.

    Former President APJ Abdul Kalam today visited Dindigul to meet his teacher whom he credits for having moulded him.

    According to an official of Beschi college, Dr Kalam met Reverend Fr Ladislaus Chinnadurai, who taught him Physics and Thermodynamics at St Joseph’s College, Tiruchi, between 1950 and 1954.

    Dr Kalam and Rev Chinnadurai met for about 15 minutes.

    The 94-year-old Chinnadurai said he was happy to see the former President. He recalled that Kalam was a brilliant student and that he used to take Physics classes with him for three hours everyday.

    Earlier, 83-year-old Kalam was given a rousing welcome by the priests at Beschi College.

  9. Well the Hindu samaj knows very well that the Christian schools bring out polished and sophisticated students Who then are able to live anywhere in the world holding the best of positions and now the Hindu samaj want to bring some changes forcibly which is against the Christian schools by forcing their own Hindu religious syllabus and guess what? tomorrow the students will grow into barkers by following the foot steps of these goondas who are setting examples of barking
    And doing goonda gardi behaviour just like these what you are hearing mow

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