Attacked while praying at home, Uttar Pradesh

Attacked while praying at home, Uttar Pradesh

Evangelist Dileep was falsely accused of indulging in conversion activities by religious fundamentalists and detained by the Police in Saran District of Bihar State.

An Orphan, suffering with acute Tuberculosis (TB), Evangelist Dileep was miraculously healed by Jesus Christ, in a Prayer Meeting. Since that day, he had committed his life to serving the Lord. He counted it his privilege to be given the opportunity to serve and assist Pastor Sam George, Head of Prarthana Bhawan, in the Ministry. Living at the Ashram, Evg. Dileep travelled with Pastor Sam George to wherever he was ministering.

Yesterday, 14th August, they travelled together to Bihar. After their visit, Evg. Dileep stayed back for a few days, with a local Believer family, in Thenua Village, Chappra, Saran District, Bihar.

While they were having their morning prayers, few religious fanatics barged into the private residence, interrupted their prayers and falsely accused them of indulging in conversion activities. In spite of clarifying that they were only praying together as a family, the fanatics summoned the Police, who took Evangelist Dileep to Marhaura Police Station for further questioning.

Pastor Sam George informed about the arrest to Persecution Relief, who in turn contacted SHO  Rao and explained the circumstances that led to the detention of Evg. Dileep. The SHO assured that he would ensure his release later in the evening, as the entire Police Station was surrounded by religious fanatics, who were putting pressure on the Police to lodge a FIR.

Evg. Dileep was released at 10.00 pm , Persecution Relief is thankful to the India Mission leaders, who recieved  him from the Police station. 

Hostilities towards Christians in the Bihar State has seen an unusual spike in the number of incidents recorded by Persecution Relief, in the last 2 months. Several false cases of conversion have been reported and Christians taken into custody.

Church, please pray for supernatural protection over the servants of God, who minister in these hostile locations.

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