Attack on ‘Rural Community Centre’ on allegations of conversion, Uttar Pradesh  

Attack on ‘Rural Community Centre’ on allegations of conversion, Uttar Pradesh

Bro. R. Sunil and his wife have been running a ‘Rural Youth Skill Development Centre’ in Fatehpur District of Uttar Pradesh. Originally from Kanyakumari, when Bro. Sunil started the Centre, it was at a rented property. However, last year, he was able to buy a small piece of land, where he built the current Training Centre, which also doubles up as his residence.

The objective of the ‘Rural Youth Skill Development Centre’, is to train the rural youth of the village, to empower them, both socially and economically, in rural Uttar Pradesh. This Centre is dedicated to helping buildskills and knowledge of the youth, in order to develop sustainable solution to poverty

So far, around 480 Youth, both boys and girls from poor and marginalised communities have been beneficiaries of the programs. Vocational training courses provided are Tailoring, Mobile repairing, Computer Labs, Spoken Language and Personality Development

Bro. Sunil also conducts prayer meeting and worship service at “Grace Transformation Ministries” from his residence. Every Sunday, around 50 persons gather for the worship service.

On Sunday, 04th November, the worship service was disrupted by a mob of religious fanatics who barged into the prayer hall. They began shouting anti-Christianslogans and speaking in a derogatory manner about Jesus Christ.

They pulled Bro. Sunil out of the prayer hall and beat him up, grievious injuring him, accusing him of indulging in conversion activities. They isolated him in a room adjacent to the house and kept badgering and intimidating him with questions, but the Lord gave Bro. Sunil, the grace to keep silent.

In the meantime, somebody informed the Police who arrived after around 30 minutes, by which time the fanatics had fled the scene.

Bro. Sunil spoke with SP Rahul Raj, briefing him about the incident, who was very supportive and willing to help investigate and resolve the issue.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, though shaken by the incident, Bro. Sunil was determined to continue with the ‘Rural Youth Skill Development Centre’ as well as with the worship services.

Several house churches have been prevented from holding prayer gatherings, which is part of an ever-widening nationwide operation targeting unofficial “house churches” across India.

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