Arunachal women pray for jailed Mother Teresa nun

Arunachal women pray for jailed Mother Teresa nun

Arunachal women praying

By Felix Anthony

Miao, March 8, 2019: Women in a remote village in Arunachal Pradesh marked the International Women’s Day by praying for the release of jailed Missionaries of Charity nun in Jharkhand state.

“We know that Sister Concelia (Baxla)is innocent. She is in jail for false case by people with vested interests to show the Church in poor light,” said Likro Mossang, president of the Catholic Women of East Arunachal Pradesh.

“We join with her and scores of other women who languish in jail because of false cases. This is our best way to celebrate our women’s day this year,” she told the gathering at Neotan village in Changlang district of the northeastern Indian state.

Sister Baxla was arrested on July 5, 2018, on alleged charges of child trafficking from Nirmal Hriday Convent in Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand.

Sister Concelia was arrested with an employee of the Convent Anima Indwar, who was granted bail. Sister Baxla continues to languish in jail.

The prayer program at the Arunachal village was joined by men and young people.

“We are very sad for Sister Concelia. We hope that our prayers help her to get bail soon,” said Chomjung Mossang, President of the Catholic men of the village.

The women also prayed for peace in the country in the wake of tension on the India-Pakistan border and in their own state that witnessed unprecedented violence during the last week of February.

Many people of Arunachal Pradesh are upset over the government’s decision to grant Permanent Residence Certificate to non-tribal people, who have settled in the state. Three boys lost their lives in the violence.



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