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Today I received a prayer request from a pastor with a forwarded audio voice of a nun. The unity of the Roman Catholic Church and Pentecostal Churches gave me immense joy but when I listened to the audio, it was the heart cry of the nun, because of the persecution in their campus on 10th March 2018.

A 200-bed hospital, was encroached upon by religious fanatics, and the patients were left without electricity, water and basic needs.

One might be surprised at such events taking place out of a blue moon. But these days such incidents are happening day by day and are on the increase. If I keep silent at this time, I won’t be doing justice to the call of God whom I am serving all these years with sincerity of my heart.
After going through this, I felt like making an appeal to the Indian Church in all humility and I dare to make a prayer to our Heavenly Father on behalf of the Indian Church. Kindly bear with me if I am wrong!


I am Sr. Angelica, a Catholic nun who left the Religious Congregation which I was serving for 30 years after listening to the voice of the Lord. While being in the service of the Lord, He made use of this donkey to reveal his heart to the Indian Church in the year 2006. He gave two visions:
1. About the future of India
2. About the Model Church.

And asked me to go and share the visions with all the Churches in India. When I explained my inability to take up this task, because I was not a member of any Church (Structural Church) He directed me to Pr. D. Mohan, the Superintendent of the Assembly of God Church in Chennai. Through him, the Lord opened the way. He asked us to arrange a meeting for the heads of the Churches in India. It was done in Nov. 8-10, 2006. Representatives of Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Pentecostal Churches were present. All of them were convinced of the authenticity of the vision that it is from the Lord God and they put it in black and white for historical records. Pr. D. Mohan made me share the visions among the pastors of A.G. Church throughout Tamil Nadu in 2006 December itself. He made copies of this vision into CD’s and sent to all the superintendents of A.G. Churches of other States in India.  
First of all, I collected the addresses of all the Roman Catholic bishops in India. This message was sent to all R.C. bishops in India. None of them can deny it. Apart from this, I met a few bishops of Roman Catholic Church in person and shared this vision with them.
Protestant and Pentecostal Churches invited me in great number from Kanyakumari to Kashmir to share the vision. We made many trips, sharing this vision to Church Heads.

The vision is this.

As per Gen. 41:1-4, the history of India from 2007-2020 will be divided into 2 major parts.

2007-2013 – Years of Abundance
2014-2020 – Years of Famine.

After 2020 India will come under Jesus Christ’s rule and will become a light to the world. During Famine Years, persecution will be as severe as it was in the times of Caesar Nero in Rome in the early centuries.

For these two periods of 14 years, the strategies the Church to follow were dictated by the Lord. This message was to be conveyed to all the Churches.  It was handed over to the pastors and church heads with the expectation that they will convey it to their church members.

After 4 years, I came to know that the Church leaders have not passed on this message to their Church members but kept them ignorant of this important vision. When I complained about it to the Lord, He asked me to go among the believers and cry aloud about it. So, from 2010 onward till today, I am among the believers sharing the vision and putting into practice His dictates.

The Lord declared the years 2010-2013 as Emergency period for the Church. In 2010 the Lord gave a strict command to the Churches not to buy lands for Churches.  Neither were they to construct buildings for Churches. The Lord dictated strict norms for the 4-year emergency period for the Church in India. In 2014 as foretold by the Lord, the famine started. In 2015 the Lord gave the message of Jer. 1:10 and informed all the institutional, hierarchical Churches that he is going to uproot all of them, tear down and destroy their foundations since they were not laid on the only foundation Jesus Christ. (1 Cor 3:10-15) The Lord proved that the hierarchical, denominational, institutional Churches are duplicates and not His original Church and He is going to restore His original Church as in Acts 2:41-47. 2016 was the year of planting “Troop Churches” (Independent house Churches of 10 members each will run for 2 months, after which will be dissolved in order to be divided into 10 Troop Churches.) throughout India. In 2017 the Lord made us start various schools for training the believers in the Spiritual Gifts given to them. Year 2017 saw the development of Gift Schools like Deliverance, Healing, Worship and Prophecy.

The Lord was speaking and giving this message about transforming India through the Churches for the past 12 years. The messengers may not be worthy. But don’t look up to them! O! Church in India! Look upon the Lord! He is your boss, Jesus Christ who has purchased you with His blood. The shepherds are only labourers! Since the labourers of India were not concerned about the flock of the Lord which comes to more than 125 crores of people, the majority remains in darkness till today! Only 3% have known Jesus Christ! Since the Church is run on a wrong model, evangelization is not taking place! The Lord feels pity for His people, which comes to 125 crores! Only Troop Churches which have no hold on the believers after 2 months, can go and spread the gospel. The present Church system, even after another 2000 years cannot bring salvation to the Indian people. So, this duplicate system has to be demolished.  Only the real Church of Jesus Christ, which does not collect money, which does not accumulate wealth or land, which does not have a building of its own, can bring salvation to the 125 crores of people in India! The visible structures which call themselves “Churches” all have to give way for the emergence of the real Church! Since they do not give way, the Lord has to take a severe step to replace them with His original Church! The present Government is being used as an instrument for this!

Isaiah 44:23- 45:1-4
So the Lord has allowed this persecution! Do not pray against it!

If the Churches obeys the command of the Lord God,

  1. Part with the Institutional set up which allows owning of land, property etc. in the name of the Church
    2. Part with the priesthood system
    3. Part with the hierarchical structure and recognize the priesthood of all believers. There are no separate priests or mediators other than believers.
    4. Part with all the claims on believers after 2 months of training in Troop Churches.
    5. Not demand money from believers.
    6. Equipping every believer with spiritual gifts (Mk 16:17,18) for evangelizing.
    7. Promoting Work place-based evangelism.  
    8. No full-time workers who depend on believers for their livelihood, no institution run by Structural Churches, no building for Churches and no clergy.
    There is no need of persecution. If the Churches come together on this basis, persecution will be stopped this same moment!
    I humbly make an appeal to all the foreign countries who provide finances and other resources for evangelization in India, stop all helps to the Indian Church! Let them realize their responsibilities! Let them come together and take a decision to evangelize India, let them come together with one mind and heart!
    “Tell the Israelis that when they have crossed the Jordan River to the land of Canaan, they are to drive out all the inhabitants of the land and destroy all their idols and their molten images.

You are to demolish all their high places, take possession of the land, and live in it, because I’ve given you the land to inherit. (This is not physical destruction but destroying the works of the evil spirits in the name of Jesus Christ!)

“You are to divide the land among yourselves by lot according to your families. The larger the families are in number, the larger their inheritance is to be. The lesser the families are in number, the lesser their inheritance is to be. To whomever the lot falls, that inheritance goes to him. Divide it according to your ancestral tribes. 

“But if you fail to drive out the inhabitants of the land before you, their survivors will become irritants in your eyes and thorns in your sides, to prick your sides and afflict you in the very land in which you’ll be living.  Then, what I had planned to do to them, I’ll start to do to you.” Num. 33:51-56 

O Church in India, divide the land, States, districts, taluks, villages and towns for adopting and evangelizing. If they do this, India can be evangelized in 1 year! Please stop all your funds! We have more than enough funds in our nation! Do you know how many crores we spend on fireworks of Christian festivals! Do you know how many crores we Christians in India pay as bribes, spend for adultery, drinking, festivals, rituals we have inherited from pagans, memorial days, ornaments, dowry, weddings, anniversaries, Birthdays and what not!! Do you know how rich our country India is in minerals! How rich we are in human resources!  We are wasting our resources! The Lord asked us in 2006 to rise up and work for the transformation of India! We were rebellious, disobedient, sluggish, sleepy, easy going, pleasure loving Church! We have produced generations of slaves and are keeping the believers under us for centuries! We have discriminated God’s children in the name of caste, creed, gender, and what not! We are keeping them under us as milk fed babies!

Please do not pray to God to stop persecution! The righteous God could not tolerate the cries of His children, non-believers, who are wandering throughout the length and breadth of India, walking barefoot, visiting holy places, holy rivers, doing all kinds of brutal rituals! Nowhere in the world you see such God seekers like Indians! They are still searching God in deserts, mountains, rivers, snakes, statues, Gurus, magicians, witches etc.  We, in our over enthusiasm to spread the “Religion Christianity”, (which Emperor Constantine installed in 313 AD) closed our eyes towards them. We became so hard hearted, blindfolded and became labourers of the Christian religion, not of Jesus Christ! Now only we realize the blunder we committed!  We were so much lulled to passivity and never cared for them! Instead we mocked at them! Took advantage of their illiteracy, ignorance and fear of God! We never bothered to introduce Jesus to them! Instead of bringing them into direct relationship with Jesus Christ, we introduced Christian religion and the heads of our Institutions to them! They became members of an organization/institution instead of coming into direct contact with Jesus! So, they did not get salvation! But the business centers falsely named as “Church” flourished! Believers were cheated! Unbelievers died without Christ!

God in His mercy, tolerated us all these 2017 years! He sent many prophets from abroad and raised many prophets in our own country! We ignored all of them! Killed many! Insulted many! Burned many!

He is righteous! He is righteous! There is no trace of blemish in Him! Even if He hands all of us over to death and persecution still He will be righteous! We have no justification on our part! We have been disobedient! Rebellious to the core! We have been hypocrites! Pledging Him obedience but never obeyed! We, all of us, till today rebelled and are rebelling!

O Lord! Do with us whatever you want! We are at your mercy! Only do save our 120 crores of people! Even if we die, we want all these poor 120 crores of people to be saved! Show us the way to save them! They, for generation after generation are seeking God! We had been so selfish, with no love, that we were not able to reflect Christ! There were many missionaries whom you sent to our country who reflected Christ! They could convert many! After seeing their life witness, many of our non-believer Indians, accepted Jesus Christ! But we believers of India have failed, utterly failed in our lives to give Jesus to them! We failed to love them! We were selfish, narrow minded, lacking in generosity and magnanimity in treating them as our own! We still have caste system practiced even inside churches, inside seminaries, inside convents, even in cemeteries! We are divided and are still fighting over caste, rites, denominations etc.  We still practice witchcraft, divination, sorcery, dowry system and all the pagan practices! We follow all the pagan practices of Vaastu, Yoga etc. Even we participate in idol worship, worship their idols too. We seek to please them in order to survive persecution, without knowing that You only have sent this persecution!

This is not he Church you established! The Church we see in India is our own product and our own bye product!

O merciful Lord! We humbly implore to remove these duplicates! Bring back your original Church! Let the whole world see the glorious Church of Jesus established in India! Let the present duplicate system called “Church” with all discriminations, selfish motives, money mindedness and all its carnal desires be buried!

Lord! You have tolerated us enough in this country! As you had warned us on 19.8.2013, through the revelation “Operation Ecclesia” you have allowed gentiles into this system! You did everything rightly! You do everything as per your word! You revealed to your servants 5 years earlier that you will hand over this wrong system which we call “Church” into the hands of gentiles if we do not repent and correct ourselves! Within 4 months you made this message to spread throughout India and the world! It reached the continents of USA, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. We received replies from U.K., U.S.A., Uganda, Africa etc. You did everything in the proper way!

We surrender ourselves! We bow down! We lie prostrate in front of your heavenly throne! Have mercy on us! Restore us! Mould us, shape us, Have your way in us! Give us the mind of determination to follow your instructions
We beseech you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!

Sr. Angelica AJ


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