Appeal to Mr Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of India by Shibu Thomas, Founder, Persecution Relief

Appeal to Mr Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of India by Shibu Thomas, Founder, Persecution Relief


Honorable Prime Minister,

I Shibu Thomas, the Founder of Persecution Relief would like to send you a message via this video. Of late, news of a national Anti-Conversion Law being implemented by the Union Government have been doing the rounds on Social media, TV channels and Newspapers. 8 states in India already have the law in force. In 1967 it was introduced to the state of Odisha and in 1968 it was implemented in the state of Madhya Pradesh and 6 more states followed after that.

The major reason behind the implementation of the Anti-conversion Law is to stop religious conversion, especially dealing with conversions to Christianity. At this point I would like to explain that conversion is not human but a divine process. God executes it though the working of the Holy Spirit. No one can stop this process even if they wanted to because it is a personal encounter between God and the individual. The Church or any Christian have no role to play apart from God.

Because conversion is a divine intervention, a person is able to turn from his wicked ways and become a good after experiencing the life transforming love of God. It is not a matter of religion but rather a matter of walking in truth, love and harmony.

No one can stop this process.
News is that your government has plans of implementing the law in this year itself. Christian leaders would like to meet and reason out with you before you make your decision concerning this law. We humbly request you to spare a little of your time to discuss this decision with us. We would also like to state our qualms to you as well.

The ultimate decision regarding this matter lies with you and the Cabinet of Ministers. As law abiding citizens, we have always stood with the decisions and laws of the government, except those that go against our Christian faith.

When is comes to our Christian faith, Jesus Christ has commanded us to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and teach them to obey whatever I have commanded you. It is a divine command and it is a commission given to us by God, the one who sent us to this world.

We do not force anyone to listen to us, but it is our duty to spread the message of Jesus’ love and we will do that till our last breath.

We only request you to listen to what we have to say. No matter what your decision is, we will continue to stand with you. On one hand we could say that it is our constitutional right- the right to propagate, practice and preach one’s religion.

However, we do not want to argue with you on such issues. We would only like to reason out with you concerning the implementation of a national Anti-conversion Law, the decision is ultimately yours.

The Christian Minority in India loves you and regularly prays for you and the government. We believe that without the will of God, no one can sit on the throne. We also believe that God has commissioned you as the Prime Minister of India and He will bless you with the wisdom to take our beloved country to greater heights.

Just like the greatest king on earth-King Solomon, asked God for heavenly wisdom we pray that God would bless you with heavenly wisdom too so that our nation would be victorious over prevailing issues, be it the Corona Virus crisis or the dwindling economy.

May God bless you with much wisdom and knowledge to make India so beautiful nation that would be a shining example to the whole world. The Christian minority promises to stand with you now and always. With this prayer I would like to conclude my message.

I would also like to encourage the Church at this point. If it is God’s will for the Anti-Conversion Law to be implemented, then no one can stop it. Queen Esther approached king Ahasuerus after much prayer and fasting. Even though the king had passed an order with his signet ring, he reversed his own decision and the lives of the Jews were spared because God heard the prayers of Queen Esther and her people.

If we fervently pray, and this message reaches Mr. Modi, then God will surely talk to him. The ultimate verdict lies in the hands of God. With this assurance, let us move forward. Looking at our present situation, let us unite and pray for our country, for our Prime Minister, for the Cabinet of Ministers so that our nation would be delivered from this severe pandemic. May God bless our nation with peace and happiness.

Please share this video so that this message reaches our Prime Minister,
Thanks You.

Shibu Thomas
Fonder, Persecution Relief

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