Alleging conversion charges, Pastor brutally beaten, Bihar

Alleging conversion charges, Pastor brutally beaten, Bihar

On Sunday, 04th November, Pastor Bangali Das was brutally beaten up by religious fanatics, at Tetua village, located on the border of Gaya & Jehanabad District of Bihar State.

More than 100 believers had congregated for the Sunday Worship service which started at 10.00 am. Just as the meeting was concluding, around 2.00 pm, hard-line religious fanatics, from a near-by village, barged into the House Church. The well-armed mob began to indiscriminately, beat the congregation, slapping and kicking the people.

Specifically, isolating Pastor Das, they brutally beat him up, critically injuring him, that he had to be rushed to Madan Medical Hospital in Gaya for medical attention.

Pastor Das, affiliated with India Mission, had been conducting Worship Service at an open ground, in the land belonging to the Manji Tribe, after he was evicted from a rented property, 2 months ago.

The fanatics have warned Pastor not to conduct Prayer or Worship services in the future, alleging conversion charges, a common rhetoric used by religious fanatics, to strong arm, silence and attack Christians.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor vehemently denied that he was converting anybody.

“I only present Jesus Christ. It is He who transforms people, transforms lives”.

Back home, after being discharged from the Hospital, Pastor Das has requested for the valuable prayers of the saints, as his body still hurts from the brutal beating and injuries.

Church, please pray that he will be totally healed in his body and his spirit, and remain steadfast in the Lord.

Pray for Pastor Das, his family and the congregation, to find an alternate accommodation to worship and pray.

Pray that Christians will not move the opposite way, but respond to the persecutors, God’s way.

Pray that God will remove every anger and bitterness, when you are being persecuted for being a follower of Jesus Christ.

Pray God will pave the way, for all Christians, to grow in the character of Christ, to guard our heart from bitterness.

Several house churches have been prevented from holding prayer gatherings, which is part of an ever-widening nationwide operation targeting unofficial “house churches” across India.

Freedom of religion in India is a fundamental right guaranteed by Article 25-28 of the Constitution of India. Every citizen of India has a right to practice and promote their religion peacefully.



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