Allegations that BJP is “anti-Christian” are baseless, says Rijiju

Allegations that BJP is “anti-Christian” are baseless, says Rijiju

The minister assured the constituency people that if the BJP is elected to power, then he will make sure the constituency gets better roads, proper medical and telecom facilities.

MOS Home Kiren Rijiju at the parliament in New Delhi on tuesday. Express Photo by Tashi Tobgyal New Delhi 080316


Union minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju, outside the Parliament. (File)
Union minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju on Monday rubbished opponents charge of BJP being “anti-Christian” in the state and said his party was clear that interest of the majority Christian people have to be protected at all cost.
Addressing an election rally in poll-bound Nagaland, Rijiju hit at the rivals stating that since they have nothing to say against BJP they are saying we are “anti-Christian”. “The allegations that the BJP party supports anti-Christian activities are completely baseless because BJP has been fighting to protect the interest of Christians in the state and also national level,” Rijiju said, while addressing a election campaign rally for BJP candidate under 17-Chizami A/C, Kevechutso Doulo at Chizami Town in Phek district today.
“Our opponents have nothing to say about us as we have tackled corruption and other issues successfully unlike preceding governments, so they are now saying that we are “anti–Christian,” he said.
BJP is contesting February 27 elections in Nagaland in alliance with NDPP (Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party) of Neiphiu Rio.
According to BJP Nagaland Media cell release, Rijiju, who is also the election in charge of North East region for BJP, said, “Our religion is very sacred, religion is above politics, religion is above everything and hence this has to be clearly understood”.
The Union minister promised that “If during our reign, any church and Christians in the state are persecuted, I will leave politics”. He asserted the constituency people that if the BJP is elected to power, then he will make sure that the constituency will get better roads, proper medical and telecom facilities.
Recognising the uniqueness of the Naga history, Rijiju categorically stated that “this election will shape the future of Nagaland” because BJP is very aware of the Naga political issue.
The BJP central government under the leadership of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the first national leader to acknowledge the Naga struggle that has been brewing for many decades, even prior to India’s independence. “This election will lead to long term solution” for which all political parties want to ally with the BJP to solve the problem,” he said.
“Prior to this election, the BJP was never an important stakeholder of the Nagaland government but with things looking up and with the BJP-NDPP sure to lead the government in the state, the party will take this issue very seriously,” he said.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very clear about the Naga struggle and has personally assured that it will be the BJP’s “moral duty” to solve this problem during this tenure, he added.
During the day, the Union minister also attended BJP election rally at 60-Pungro-Kiphire A/C and 59-Seyochung-Sitimi A/C, the BJP Nagaland Media cell added.

source: Indian express

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