All Manipur Christian Organisation [AMCO] against eviction of churches in Imphal

All Manipur Christian Organisation [AMCO] against eviction of churches in Imphal

Rev S.Prim Vaiphei, Persecution Relief State Coordinator & President of The All Manipur Christian Organisation, the apex body of all Christian Organisations (Denomination) within Manipur is deeply saddened and shocked by learning that 8 Church’s of Tribal Colony, New Checkon has received the notice of show cause dated 24th December 2020 from Sub Divisional Officer, Porompat, 26th December 2020 for eviction of thier Church’s which was one of the most Christianity religion’s observation for Christmas and New Year.

Most of the churches at Tribal Colony, New Checkon were constructed since 1974 which was prior to the Supreme Court guideline/direction with cut-off date as October 29, 2009 for regularisation of existing unauthorized construction in the name of Temple, Church, Mosque or Gurudwara among others at public parks and other public places.

It is further to say The Supreme Court directive also said that the residential quarter for tribal government servants was constructed exclusively for the tribal government servants/ employee of Manipur vide Manipur Gazette No.94 dated December 14, 1960 with secretariat Revenue No 141/13/60-M dated December 8, 1960 and by the necessity of practicing faith of Christianity, the occupant of the aforesaid quarters had constructed the Churches, the release stated.

In such eventuality of hurting the sentiments of Christians of Manipur.

AMCO had appealed to the concerned authorities of Manipur government to review the show cause notice and provide sufficient opportunity to hear the Cause of eight Churches as per the said guidelines of the Supreme Court.

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