AG Church, Youth Camp students locked up, Haryana

AG Church, Youth Camp students locked up, Haryana

Persecution Relief recieved a call on the  Toll Free No. 1800-1234-461 on 08/10/19 at 12:03pm from Pastor Joshua Andalagal. He called to inform us about a startling incident which happened that morning in Kaithal, a district situated in Haryana, a northern state in India. A youth camp which was conducted by the  Assemblies of God (AG) Church was disrupted by religious fanatics in a foul way.

Around 80 young adults had gathered together  from various cities for this Christian youth camp which  was organized at Agarwal Marriage Palace in the district of Kaithal, Haryana.

The 3 day long youth camp commenced on 6/10/19, and was going through it’s final concluding session of  morning devotion when  around 50 religious fanatics entered the marriage hall and locked the doors from inside. They began interrogating the frightened children asking them questions such as,   From where have you come? How much money do you have ?? From where have you got the money to bear the expenses of this camp ?? The Children truthfully replied that they themselves had paid the registration fees for the camp, but the fanatics maliciously began accusing them of receiving money from western countries.

They also began falsely  accusing the Pastors of  brainwashing the children and performing religious conversions.

After a while, the religious fanatics called the Police, who took 5 pastors that were present at the venue to Kaithal Police Station situated at Sector 21.  Among  those taken into custody were 3 Pastors from Tamil Nadu, namely, Pr John Wesley, Pr Charles Lee, Pr John Parmeshwaran, Pr Priyan from Rajasthan and Pr Kingsley from Sonipat.

Pastor Joshua who was also part of this camp  was outside the Marriage Palace Hall when the incident happened, hence he was able to inform us about it.

We at Persecution Relief  immediately called the

SP (Superintendent of Police) of Kaithal, Shri Virender Kumar and informed him about this unjust incident. After listening to us he assured us that he would speak to the concerned SHO (Station House Officer).

Rev. Kingsley was continually in touch with the Persecution Relief team and kept us updated about the developments happening at the Police station.

Many National Leaders who are part of the Body of Christ contacted the Police officials with hopes of justifying this matter. Ultimately, at around 5pm, the police agreed to release 3 pastors but said that they would keep 2 Pastors in their custody  untill next morning as the religious fanatics were putting a lot of pressure on them to file an FIR (First Information Report) against the Pastors. The fanatics fabricated a story claiming that Rs 50000 was given to convert a person during the camp but after scrutinizing this allegation, the police did not consider it.

By God’s grace and the effort of many who disputed the series of unjust events, all the pastors were released at around 8:30pm.

We at Persecution Relief would like to express our sincere gratitude to   the SP, Shri Virender Kumar and the SHO for standing with the truth and executing justice.

With this incident coming to light, let us be reminded that many men of God are falsely accused and imprisoned across India. We at Persecution Relief urge you to stand with us in Prayer keeping these unjust events in mind.

Persecution Relief has recorded 330 incidents of hate crimes against Christians in 2016, 440 incidents in 2017, 477 incidents in 2018 and till August 2019 we have recorded 302 incidents of persecution against Christains in India.

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