AG Church vandalized in Tamil Nadu


Pastor Samson C Doss is pastoring an Assemblies of God Church in Alwarthirunagiri, in Thoothukudi District, also known as Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu state of India. Pastor Samson started the out station work 3 years ago, at a village called Arasarkulam in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu.

Pastor John George is another local Pastor there.  Pastor has been conducting regular Sunday service/prayer meetings in Arasarkulam village for the past few years, were around 40 believers gather.

On Sunday, 18th March, as usual, after prayers, Pastor and the believers congregated to worship Jesus Christ. While worship service was in progress, a mob of around 30 religious fanatics, belonging to local Hindu Munnani organisation, illegally trespassed into the Church. They began to shout abuses and slogans and demanded for the worship service to be stopped. They terrified the peaceful worshipers, vandalized the furniture, and demanded that all believers leave the premises immediately. Ultimately Pastor John was left with no other option but to wind up the meeting. He asked all believers to go home and later the fanatics also left, after warning the Pastor not to assemble again. The incident took place around 11:00 am.

Later in the evening, Pastor Samson visited Pastor John, to encourage him and take a stock of the situation. As they were standing inside the Church building and discussing the matter, they were again ambushed by around 30 fanatics. They hurled abuses, using filthy, vulgar language, physically assaulted them, accused the Pastors of indulging in conversion activities and pushed them outside the Church. Then, they went about further vandalizing and wrecking the Church, breaking all the church equipment, furniture, the light fittings, wall clock, and every other object in sight. Fanatics then locked the Church and warning them to not to conduct any prayer meetings nor attend Church or face dire consequences and went away.

Hindu Munnani is a religious and cultural organisation based in Tamil Nadu, which was formed to defend Hinduism and protect Hindu religious monuments. Over the past few months their leaders have attacked 100’s of Churches. It is shocking that the Hindu extremist organisations have a free hand with ongoing hate crimes, with the police and administration either looking the other way, or complicit.

According to our latest statistics, Tamil Nadu has emerged among the 3rd most hostile states in India, where Christians are concerned, with the maximum number of persecution incidents recorded. House Churches in the villages are being targeted every day. The radicals are also not allowing Sunday worship services to be held at private properties. Several incidents of Bible burning across Tamil, Nadu have been reported.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Samson said he was planning on lodging a complaint with the Police. Persecution Relief have assured support to them, to replace the damaged fixtures.

Church pray for the safety of Pastors across India.

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5 thoughts on “AG Church vandalized in Tamil Nadu”

  1. Bend our knees and lift up our eyes and be strong Jesus died for us and we must die for Jesus let come what may they may kill us but not our soul so sing praise to God most high that we have been chosen to die for him let us face boldly these and pray that these people turn to the living God

  2. We serve a mighty lord our Jesus.Nothing can seperate us from the love for Jesus .let the angels encamp around this place and Jesus will intervene for us .God is our witness…. God will take care .

  3. As election will take place at any time in Tamil Nadu they try to polarize the Hindu community. It is well planned strategy of BJP to attract more members to their party. Let us stay calm and pray.God will fight our cause. God is still having all authority over everybody. God will do wonderful things. I pray for the affected church members.

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