AG Church Convention stopped, Tamil Nadu

AG Church Convention stopped, Tamil Nadu

A scheduled Meeting in Pallivilakam, Sooriacode P.O.,  Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, organised by Assembly of God Prayer House, was abruptly cancelled by Police, just hours before it could start.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Isaac stated that they had been conducting Conventions and Conferences for the past 10 years without any interruptions or setbacks.

On the day of the Convention, around 5.00 pm in the evening, while Pastor was out of his home running an urgent errand, Policemen visited his home. They pasted a notice on the wall of the Church – issued by the Sub-Inspector of the local Police Station – stating that the meeting stands cancelled as it does not have the permission of the District Collector. The Police also claimed to have received a complaint from the neighbours.

The Police then secured an acknowledgement from Pastor’s mother, ensuring that she understood the implications if the meeting was to be held. The meeting was scheduled to start at 6.30 pm.

For this 2-day event, all necessary applications were submitted and approvals obtained well in advance.  It appears that the AG Church which is a Registered Society, is apparently not exempt either from the Police scrutiny and harassment.

Cancellations have a profound impact on the organisers who spend so much money, resources and manpower hosting them – besides, unable to refund the registration fees or the travel expenses incurred by the invitees.

In spite of this unanticipated set back, Church Officials went ahead with the meeting as scheduled, minus the sound systems.

Church, continue to lift up all Churches in India, that they may not be hindered but be able to peacefully worship and conduct meetings.

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