A hate propaganda film on Jesus Christ

A hate propaganda film on Jesus Christ

On 6th April 2019, a Telugu language film titled “I am God’, a parody on Jesus Christ, is due to be released.

The portrayal of Jesus Christ in this film, is blasphemous, an attempt to mock the sublime, belittling core Christian beliefs and as part of the ongoing campaign against Jesus Christ and Christians.

The Christian community, Christian Leaders and Pastors have strongly denounced the film, the irreverence, the contempt, the disturbing anti-Christian propaganda content and the messaging it alludes to.

Persecution Relief strongly condemns the film, the racial bigotry, prejudice and discrimination against Jesus Christ and Christians.

Church, pray that God will work through these sinister and terrifying efforts of religious fanatics, frustrate and destroy the plans of those who intend evil and destruction of God’s people, that they may witness the power and glory of HIS righteousness.”

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  1. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Spotless Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the whole world. Therefore, those who try to tarnish His Holy image WILL BE PUNISHED BY THE HOLY GOD. Fear God and depart from evil.

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