A Friendship that drifted apart


By Br Koshy George USA

Shailesh Raval / India Today via Getty, file

Yes The Nazi Medical Doctor of India: Dr. Praveen Togadia (once upon a time Thick Friend of Modi) has made the allegation at a press conference earlier today!

Wow! I am reminded of the Harry Belefonte and Trini Lopez song: “SHAME & SCANDAL IN THE FAMILY”.

I also understand the riddle and the puzzle better as to why: Indian Engineers refer to Prime Minister Modi as “His Grace Modi Ji”, “His Eminence Modi Ji”, “Most Rev. Modi Ji” “Modi Ji Most High” and so on…in a better perspective.

#1. Very Often I have wondered why Indian Engineers (some of the Best the World has ever seen & known and happen to be working in Prestigious Global Entities & highly successful as well in the United States, refer to Modi with those Suffix descriptions of the Highest Adjective Order typically attributed to a Person of the Pope’s order and stature?

I have wondered what is WRONG with our Indian Engineers? They were once Anti Mrs. Gandhi and Now they are Swooning over Modi…..what stops from A Male Modi emerging with all this Attribution of Supreme Power to Modi….

#2. My recent visit to Kerala and talking to Intellectuals of Kerala (across Religious Affiliations) and even among the masses left be dumbfounded. I spoke with them on Buses, Trains, Cabs, Auto Rickshaws, 38,000 feet up in the air, in the comfort of their homes and just about everywhere I had an opportunity to interact first hand. They are all 100% sure Modi will win the Elections in 2019 Hands Down.

In the same breath they also told me sadly: “But please note, we know Modi is coming back and that 2019 is the last year of INDIAN DEMOCRACY. We are heading towards A DANGEROUS INDIAN THEOCRACY”.

Note: the above are not my words, I am merely conveying the sum total of what I heard.

#3. I was absolutely scared for India and worried too. Because all this dismay almost instantaneously means trouble for Indian Minorities for sure. I returned back to the US deeply disturbed by these almost unanimous opinions among the Rich, the Middle Class and the Poor across the parts of Kerala, I happened to visit. That is a telling fact. I have never known so many Keralites in unison about 2019 and Modi getting re-elected in 2019, these very people deeply unhappy about that prospect simultaneously and a feeling of hopelessness. It was deeply troubling to me.

#4. To top it all, now the Supreme Court Judges are coming out about the Jeopardy of the Indian Democracy & what is in the making.

#5. The Supreme Court Justices of India are voicing concerns expressed by Arun Shourie and other Journo of India who are bold enough to speak about the happenings in India.

#6. Now this Allegation about An Assassination Plot of Once Upon A Time Modi’s Best Friend in The RSS.


It would be INTERESTING TO WATCH FOR SURE PANDEMONIUM coming out in the Open.

The Devil’s House is a Divided House. That is for sure.

MY INFERENCE & DEDUCTION: The Chief Pied Piper & Wolf of India & His Lieutenant Wolverline Darth Vader: Amit Shah’s house is showing Deep Fissures and Cracks for Sure……The Indian Engineer’s Suffix Attributes such as “His Grace” and “His Pre-Eminence” are in Jeopardy Too!!!

Note: I have provided at least 6 corroborating points about the developments in India. My first hand experience as well as credible third party sources telling the same.

I hope No Indian Engineer will find opposition to the blog. If yes, then it just describes the fact that the spell & effect of the Kool-Aid they have been drinking is still intact.

I wonder where that Prince from One of the Formerly Princely States of India (now a venture capitalist and Angel investor in Silicon Valley) who went around spreading rumors & indulging in open character assassination about Indian Politician Rahul Gandhi during the early part of 2014 now is? He must be deeply wondering what happened to all his skulduggery…

An Interesting 2018 so far, in as much as Indian Politics is concerned and Davos is just around the bend.



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