62 Years old Anand and Women beaten up during house meeting, West Bengal

62 Years old Anand and Women beaten up during house meeting, West Bengal 

Pangachhiya is a town in Barabani CD Block in Asansol Sadar subdivision of Paschim Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal.  Mr. Anand Hari, a member of Full Gospel Church, was holding a cottage meeting at Sister Rekha Hari’s house in Pangachhiya on 19/3/19 which was attended by around 10 people, and Mr. Anand himself was presiding over the meeting as an elder in the church.

62 year old Anand had started the meeting at 7 PM, and according to the Complaint that he has filed with the Kanyapur police station at Asansol, a mob of around 20 people led by Mr. Ghandi Nonia barged into the house and dragged Mr. Anand out and beat up the senior citizen because of which he is presently unable to walk. They also beat up the congregants. Many of the women were also slapped & kicked in the stomach. Mr. Anand himself was forced to say Jai Shri Ram and Hanuman chalisa while he was being beaten and was threatened with dire consequences unless he embraced Hinduism. Mr. Anand is admitted in Asansol Government hospital. 

Rev. Raja Dey informed Persecution Relief about the incident and later Rev. Christian Paul, the head of Full Gospel Church, spoke to Persecution Relief. 

Persecution Relief also spoke to Kushi, the grand daughter, who was saddened about what happened and she arrived from Jharkhand to meet her grand father. 

Chandan Hari spoke to us from the hospital and informed,  that his father is in great pain, Dr have advised for multiple X- rays and that the police have not taken any action yet. 

Religious freedom in India continues to deteriorate and it has been on a steep  decline for the past few years. As a result, the plight of religious minorities is reaching new levels. This despite the fact that the right to freedom of religion or belief is clearly recognized in the 1949 Constitution of India.

Persecution Relief has recorded more than 477persecution incidents in 2018, across the 29 states of India. The doors of a multitude of Churches have been sealed and scores arrested on false charges of indulging in conversion activities.

In 2019 we have already recorded more than 110 Hate crime cases against Christians. 

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