48-Year Old Single Mother Brutally Beaten for her Christian Faith

Saroj Devi (name changed) of Erki, Bihar, a scheduled caste single mother of 5, was severely beaten for her Christian faith. She was alone at home with her 17-year-old daughter when four men belonging  to a religious extremist group entered her house.

The entire basti where Saroj Devi stays had gone for a marriage a little away from the basti when the four Hindu men forced their way into the house and started kicking her on her chest and stomach while shouting at her for becoming a Christian. Her eldest daughter who intervened to protect her mother was also beaten. They kept at it till she fell unconscious. Thinking her to be dead, they fled the place. Her daughter kept screaming for help till one of the basti families who were a little way off from the basti heard her cries and rushed to the spot.

Saroj Devi was rushed to the doctor and was administered medication. She was brought home the next day unable to walk upright or talk clearly. The incident occurred on Sunday, May 30, 2021. Several Christians in the basti came to the aid of the family. The injuries are so severe that on Tuesday, she fainted again and had to be rushed to the hospital a few kilometers away from the basti. X-rays reveal she has severe internal injuries and would need complete rest.

The incident was reported to Persecution Relief on Tuesday and they, promptly responded coming to aid of the persecuted family. Local Pastor from Gaya, Bihar to which Saroj Devi belongs, expressed his gratitude to Persecution Relief on behalf of the family.  Saroj Devi, who works as a farm labourer, had been a follower of Christ, along with her children aged 17 years to 8 years, five months ago. She is the sole bread winner of the family. Persecution Relief’s timely support for Saroj Devi and her children also ensured the local authorities did their part in investigating the incident while looking out for the culprits.

The 4 men have not been apprehended and their whereabouts are not known. The attack on a single mother of 5 is a clarion call for the central and state governments to ensure safety for women in India without letting religious sentiments form the basis for secure and safe living.

Despite COVID lockdown, Christians in India, are being targeted for their faith. They continue to face religiously- motivated persecution, especially in the North of India, which is making it even more dangerous for Christians to live in peace in these areas. Christians though minorities have their rightful place in the land of India. Persecution Relief will always continue to stand  for the persecuted Christians in India.

John 15:21

“But all these things they will do to you for My name’s sake, because they do not know the One who sent Me.”

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