Gheraoed by religious fundamentalists, detained by Police, Uttar Pradesh

Gheraoed by religious fundamentalists, detained by Police, Uttar Pradesh
03 October, 2018, 11.00 am
By the grace of God, very late in the night (02 Oct,)  both Sister Anita Vinod and Bro. Amarnath Emmanuel, were released from Police custody, without any charges being levelled against them.
02 October, 2018, 8.45 pm
Sister Anita Vinod and Bro. Amarnath Emmanuel were distributing Bible Tracts at a commercial place called Alpha, when a mob of religious fanatics surrounded them and started abusing them, shouting anti-Christian slogans.
They began to question them on why they were distributing the Bible tracts and what they were speaking to the people.Sister Anita Vinod said that she was telling every person that was receiving the Bible Tract that, “Jesus Christ is a living God. He had died but rose again on the 3rd day. He is alive!”
They  began shouting “Jai Sri Ram, Jai Sri Ram”.
Police arrived on the scene and both were taken to Kasna Police Station, Beta II, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh and the mob has followed them there.
Persecution Relief was alerted about this episode. by her husband Pr Vinod who is also a Missionary, Founder spoke to the Superintendent of Police and explained the circumstances of the incident, requesting for their release.
The situation outside the Police Station is still hostile, as the religious fundamentalists have virtually created a siege around the police station, raising slogans.
Church pray for their safe release and for the situation to return to normalcy.

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  1. It is a cruel act. What is the grave crime they have done? In fact, they are working for the upliftment of the villagers by doing literacy work.

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