Ambushed and brutally beaten by fanatics, Pastor faces extortion from Police, Madhya Pradesh

Ambushed and brutally beaten by fanatics, Pastor faces extortion from Police

Pastor Ramesh Vasuniya and his son Rahul Vasuniya were ambushed by a mob of religious fanatics. They were brutally beaten and his son Rahul Vasuniya, beaten and dragged on the road for visiting a family who needed prayers.

Pastor Ramesh and his son were visiting Bro. Sukiya S/O Satharsingh Bariya and Sister Imallyben Bariyain Piplipada village, in Jhabua district in Madhya Pradesh.

This Sister was brought to Pastor Ramesh for prayer, seeking deliverance from the evil spirits. After much fasting and prayer, Sister was delivered of the tormenting, demonic spirits. Since her deliverance, both the husband and wife are regular visitors to the Church.

However, the neighbours and local villagers were opposed to this as they secretly plotted to attack Pastor who was instrumental for delivering Sister.

After prayer, as they were driving off, after around 1 km, a mob of around 40 persons ambushed and way laid Pastor and his son, asking them to get off their vehicle.

Leading the pack, the local Religious Leader, began to falsely allege that they were converting people to Christianity, offering money, houses, jobs and free education as inducements to convert people to Christianity.

Pastor and his son openly and honestly stated that they had never given anything to anyone except pray for the healing and well-being of people. They clarified that Bro. Sukiya Bariya and Sister Imallyben Bariya had freely come to them for prayers. They were simply visiting to enquire about Sister’s health.

The militant mob were enflamed and refused to accept their reasoning. The began to beat both Pastor Ramesh and his son.  They viciously kicked, punched and dragged Pastor’s son as he writhed on the ground, begging for mercy. Showing no mercy, they continued to drag and beat him, stopping only after he seemed semi-conscious. Leaving the father and son lying bleeding on the road, the fanatics fled the scene.

By the grace of God, passersby helped Pastor who suffered serious internal injuries and his son, to the hospital, where they were admitted in the Intensive Care Unit.

Pastor Ramesh. S. Vasuniya was admitted for 10 dayswhile Rahul. R. Vasuniya. [Son] was admitted for 25 days. 

A false FIR was registered by Local against Pastor and his son.

To add insult to injury, Police, the guardians of the Law, further intimidated Pastor and demanded a bribe. They threatened to lodge false cases against the duo, if the money wasn’t paid, putting psychological pressure on them, despite being aware of their innocence.

Eventually, Police lodged a false complaint that Pastor and his son were injured because of a road accident and released them.

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  1. Really, these are the last days, before our Lord’s second coming, as foretold by Jesus in Matthew 24.
    My wife & I have served our Lord Jesus as missionary doctors at Chhatarpur Christian Hospital, MP from 1991 to 2005.
    Now, we are retired are live in Chennai.

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