TM Krishna Promises to Release One Carnatic Song For Jesus or Allah Every Month Amid RSSS Threats

TM Krishna Promises to Release One Carnatic Song For Jesus or Allah Every Month Amid RSSS Threats

With Carnatic musicians receiving flak for singing songs about Jesus and Allah, musician T.M. Krishna says will release a Carnatic song every month dedicated to Jesus.

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Updated: August 11, 2018, 5:29 PM IST

TM Krishna Promises to Release One Carnatic Song For Jesus or Allah Every Month Amid RSSS Threats

A file photo of Carnatic musician TM Krishna.
With Carnatic singers facing heavy backlash for singing devotional songs of Jesus and Allah, musician T.M. Krishna took to Twitter to announce that he too would be releasing “one Carnatic song every month on Jesus or Allah”.

According to The Hindu, the now-heated debate on Carnatic musicians singing devotional songs of other religions began when Carnatic vocalist O.S. Arun participated in a Christian musical event called Esuvin Sangama Sangeetham.

The vocalist had to ultimately retract his participation from the event after a critical attack from S. Ramanathan, founder of Rashtriya Sanathana Seva Sangam (RSSS).

 In a report by  The wire during a telephonic conversation, the RSSS founder asked Arun, “Why are you singing for Christians, being a Hindu?” However, the singer quietly said that Hindu dharma teaches its worshippers to respect all religions, further adding that they had canceled the event so the RSSS founder must let it be.

In a YouTube video, the RSSS founder says that Christian missionaries are using Carnatic artistes to sing about Jesus. His thoughts are in absolute synchronization with social media users who feel that Carnatic music must remain confined to the boundaries of Hindu themes.

It is speculated that T.M. Krishna took this decision after his clear displeasure of seeing the influence of the RSS creeping into Carnatic music as well.

Although several Twitter users criticised T.M. Krishna for his decision, the musician clearly has not given up his fight and even responded to several criticisms.

Many Twitter users also praised the musician for taking the bold decision.
Recently, several Carnatic musicians of different faiths have been forced to issue statements that their songs do not promote religious conversion at all.

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