UPDATE: 12 Sisters and House Owner arrested, Jharkhand

Update: 29 December, 11:45 am

The 12 Sisters have been released. However, Bro. Sanichrwa Linda, has been booked under the Jharkhand Anti-Conversion Law. Please continue to pray for his bail application and release. 

Please continue to pray for his release.

12 Sisters and House Owner arrested, Jharkhand

Pastor Sanjay Pandey, affiliated with IPC (NR) (Indian Pentecostal Church, Northern Region) has been ministering at Patandai Village, Ranchi, Jharkhand, for the past 3 years, at Bro. Sanichrwa Linda’s residence. Over 2 dozen believers used to gather every Sunday for worship service.

On the 18th of November, a group of drunk religious fanatics had attacked the Church and worship services had been suspended since then.

On the 27th December, around 12 Sisters approached the Village Head with an application, requesting for permission to open the Church for the Christmas season. The Village Head who was sympathetic with their request, called for a meeting today, 28th December, to formalize their request.

However, during the meeting, religious fanatics, allegedly from Sarna Samithi, rudely interrupted the meeting and did not allow the women to speak. They called the Police and levelled false charges against the sisters. All 12 Sisters have been arrested and detained at Kanke Police Station, under the jurisdiction of Ranchi District. Along with them, the House Owner Bro. Sanichrwa Linda has also been detained.

Pastor Sanjay Pandey, called Persecution Relief, to brief about the incident. The SSP Ranchi, Pritiyush Chandra has been contacted by the Team and updated about the incident.

Church, pray for the rule of law and the Constitution to be upheld, and for religious freedom to be the right of every citizen.

Pray for the release and wrongful detention of all Christians in India.


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