Update : 11 Christians arrested for sharing the Gospel, during Christmas outreach, Uttarakhand

Update: 26 Dec. 8.30 pm

Pastor Michel Vinoj has been released on bail. He was charged under IPC 151. Thank you Church for praying. 

11 Christians arrested for sharing the Gospel, during Christmas outreach, Uttarakhand

11 Christians were detained and held by police at Roshanbad police station, Haridwar District, of Uttarakhand, forevangelizing on Christmas Day. The detained Christians were part of an evangelism team from AG Church Haridwar.

Pastor Michael Vinoj and 10 other Christians, were on an outreach mission in their Alto Car and Auto Rickshaw (a motorized, three-wheeled rickshaw for public hire)

On 25th December, the team started the outreach mission at 10.00 am. They visited 4 villages and shared the good news of Jesus Christ and their faith.

When they reached Barampur village, in Narsan Block, of Haridwar District, a few religious fanatics confronted them and accused them of indulging in conversion activities. Since the team comprised of both men and women, the fanatics did not physically assault anybody.

The Police who rushed to the spot, escorted them to the Roshanbad Police Station and arrested them.

Pastor Saji John informed Persecution Relief as soon as they were arrested. The SP Haridwar, Mamta Bohra was contacted by our team, and she assured that she would look into the incident and release the detained Evangelists.

By the grace of God, 10 detained Christians were released from detention this evening except for Pastor Michel Vinoj who has been detained by the Sub Inspector (SI) who recognized him from a similar incident a year ago.

The SI abused and slapped him on his face, while cross-examining and reprimanding him for returning to the village.

Persecution Relief have raised a grievance with the Superintendent of Police (SP) for the lack of restraint shown by the Police Officer.

Church, continue to pray for our Missionaries who bravely preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pray for the law enforcement officers to be unbiased and fair.

Pray for the persecutors who continue to target Churches in a campaign to oppress Christian faith.

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