Update – Police stop India Mission Crusade, threaten to confiscate sound equipment

10.00 pm | 12 Mar, Update

“Dr Aby Mathew, Head of India Mission said :

Today our Gospel festival team faced opposition at Siwan. People came and objected and complained to the police. Police came and seized our things. Then SP came and in fact told the locals who objected that these people are doing things peacefully and nobody had problem during the last two days of program. So God raised district superintendent of police to protect us though we never knew him. Thank you for the prayers and thank you Shibu brother for speaking to the SP.  Edwin also went to the station today and things are settled peacefully. Thank you for the prayers. Please continue to pray for us.”

Praise God, thank you Jesus. Church family, thank you so much for your prayers.


7.30 pm | 12 Mar, Update

After the Founder spoke to SP Mr. Naveen Chand Jha, he personally visited the venue and met with the organizers. After discussions, it was mutually agreed to call off the Crusade fearing rising communal tensions. No one has been detained and all confiscated equipment has been released by the grace of God.

” For the Lord of hosts has purposed, and who will annul it? His hand is stretched out, and who will turn it back?” – Isaiah 14: 27


Police stop India Mission Crusade, threaten to confiscate sound equipment


A 3-day Crusade by India Mission, in Siwan, Bihar, scheduled to start today, 12th March, has been forcibly stopped by the Police alleging conversion. This event was to be attended by 100’s of local villagers and a team from Kerala, headed by Pastor Raju Marrakara has also reached.

Police have denied the Mission permission and threatened to confiscate all their sound equipment.

Founder, Persecution Relief, Bro. Shibu Thomas, has spoken to the SI, Mr. Ashok Kumar and to the Superintendent of Police (SP) Mr. Naveen Chand, who have assured to look into the matter without bias.

Church please pray that all the arrangements that has gone into organizing an event this large will not be futile.

Pray that permission is obtained for the event to proceed as planned

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