We believe that these are the end times, where persecution of Christians will increase by leaps and bounds. We cannot afford to be ignorant and self-seeking. We need to partner to ‘fight this good fight’. As the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 4:9 “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor”.

Partnership is the key pillar to create a socially sustainable model. While Persecution Relief continues to make a strong contribution in partnership with over 10,000’s of Churches, Christian schools and colleges across India, we also need like-minded Mission Organization Partners to collaborate with us, to share your capabilities, know-how, networkand tangible support, to bring relief to millions of persecuted Christians.

If you or your Church / Mission Organisation share in our mission “to provide comprehensive support to the persecuted Church in India, by linking it to the free Church of the world”, we prayerfully invite you to partner with us in serving the Persecuted Church in India. Once you partner with us, our commitment is to provide access to our toll-free number to the Missionaries/ Pastors/ workers attached to this Church/ Organisation, across India. We will provide comprehensive support [Prayerfully, FinanciallyPolitically & Judicially]

Please send us your contact details (in the form provided) so that we can serve you betterand get in touch with you at the earliest. All fields are mandatory.

  • For all queries, please use our Toll-free number 1800-1234-461 to access us, 24 x 7.


    *Following is a partial list of our existing partners.

List of Partner Churches :(Let the list be a link)

  1. All India United Christian Front.
  2. Assemblies of God.
  3. Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA).
  4. Akhil India Pentecostal Aikyavedi.
  5. Alpha Bible Church.
  6. Apostolic Churches Alliance, Trivandrum, Kerala.
  7. Alliance Defense Freedom.
  8. Bethel Medical Mission
  9. Cefi Diocese.
  10. Chhattisgarh Christian Fellowship.
  11. Christian Legal Association.
  12. Church of God (Full Gospel in India).
  13. Council of Ludhiana Churches.
  14. Christian Community Welfare Council of India.
  15. Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America.
  16. Global Mission Association.
  17. Gospel Echoing Missionary Society (GEMS).
  18. Heavenly Feast.
  19. Indian Christian Youth Federation.
  20. Indian Dalitha Christian Rights.
  21. Indian Christian Development Association.
  22. Indian Evangelical Team.
  23. Indian Pentecostal Church of God.
  24. Indian Pentecostal Church of God (Northern Region).
  25. Indian Christian Development Association.
  26. Indian National Pentecostal Association.
  27. Jesus the King People Association.
  28. Karnataka Christian Rakshana Vedhike.
  29. Kodaikanal Christian College.
  30. Masih Sena.
  31. Mission India.
  32. Nation Blaze.
  33. New India Church of God.
  34. New Life Fellowship Church.
  35. New Life Power Gospel Fellowship.
  36. Pentecostal Council of India.
  37. Sharon Fellowship Church.
  38. Synod of Pentecostal Churches.
  39. Sparsh Bharat Mission.
  40. Telangana Christian Council.
  41. Touch Asia International.
  42. United Christian Association.
  43. United Christian Forum.
  44. United Christian Welfare Association.
  45. Uttaranchal Christian Fellowship.
  46. Vision India.
  47. Voice of Martyrs, New Delhi.
  48. Western District Council of the Assemblies of God, North India.
  49. Yesu Ashram.