Persecution Relief has

§ Intervened and galvanized a panel of Supreme Court / High Court Lawyers and Advocates to take up a case or provide fair counsel in various cases pertaining to closing down of orphanages, anti-conversion cases, vandalism and atrocities at Christian Institutions, Land disputes, permissions to build Churches and Christian Institutions with our timely communication and factual exposure.

§ Liaised with organizations such as Christian Legal professionals from both Christian Legal Association (CLA) and ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom), which are human rights organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith

§ Helped secure release of long serving inmates, persecuted for Christ on false cases, in prisons

§ Initiated several on-line petitions to the public to highlight and draw attention to pressing issues affecting Christians and religious freedom to worship Christ.

§ Persecution Relief’s PRO (Public Relations Office) Team, are well equipped and empowered to talk to Police officials, government officials, and legal academics, influence opinion, communicating and building support, to meet the ends of justice