Widow and 2 daughters beaten for refusing to give up Jesus

28 Aug. 2017

Widow and 2 daughters beaten for refusing to give up Jesus

Widow Sunitha and her 2 daughters  Monu,17 years and Rani,12 years, live in Rikabgand, Purnia District of Bihar. 

Sunita’s family is the only Christian family among 55 families in the village. They had committed their lives to following Jesus Christ’s teaching and have been faithful disciples for over a year. Sunitha and her 2 daughters continue to remain steadfast in the faith. 

This has angered the villagers that they have been demanding that they leave the village. The villagers have embarked on a campaign of harassment & ostracization in order to force them to abandon their home and run away.

On 25th August, one of their relatives, Samuel Marandi who has recanted Christianity and turned back to his old religion, came to their home, yelling and shouting abuses. He threatened them with dire consequences if they did not forsake Jesus and come back to their old religion. However, when Sunitha Marandi refused to be intimidated by his threats, Samuel Marandi who came armed with a lathi, started beating Sunitha and her daughters. By the grace of God, Monu managed to wrench the lathi out of Samuel Marandi’s hand and chased him out of the house. 

Speaking to Persecution Relief Team, while recalling the incident, Monu mentioned:

“The harassment is becoming unbearable, especially since there is no male member to protect us. We may have to move out to another place if this persecution persists”. 

Monu works in a clinic and is struggling to manage her job, provide for the family and her sister’s education. If any one of you reading this story, is led by the Holy Spirit to assist this family, kindly contact Persecution Relief for more details. 

Church pray that God’s supernatural protection will be upon this family and His angels will continue to protect them.