Uttar Pradesh continues to witness repeated Church attacks over the last few months. 

Pastor Anil Kumar has been pastoring ‘New Life Church’ at Belia village, Ramsanehighat Tehsil, in Bara Banki district of Uttar Pradesh. After completing his Master’sDegree in Divinity, he started this ministry in Garwar Town. Around 100 believers gather every Sunday to worship there. 

As worship service was in progress, a mob of 30 religious fundamentalists armed with lathisillegally trespassed and disrupted the proceedings in the Church. They locked the Exit doors from the outside and began abusing and shouting slogans at the congregation. Pastor Anil Kumar was accused of conversion activities and asked to stop Church activities. They snatched the Bibles of the believers and tore them up. The entire event was video graphed by persons in this mob. 

After creating such confusion and disturbance, the mob demanded that the Pastor accompany them to the local Police Station. Although the police did not file a case against the Pastor, they detained him for 7 hours without any charges. They released him after cautioning him not to hold any worship services for the time being. 

Though troubled by the turn of events, Pastor Anil Kumar said,

“I have committed my live to Jesus and I will not forsake him for anything. I will continue to serve Him and his people all my life”.