Catholic Union assures to fight attempts to make India Hindu rashtra

Catholic Union assures to fight attempts to make India Hindu rashtra

Credit - Herald

Calls upon President, Prime Minister to order exemplary action against hate-mongers

PANJIM: The All India Catholic Union (AICU) on Monday said it will fight any attempts to make India a de jure Hindu rashtra.

Speaking to the media in Panjim, AICU spokesman and former President Dr John Dayal said, “The India that we know today is rapidly going through a de facto Hindu rashtra. We will fight it to our death to ensure that India does not become a de jure Hindu rashtra.”

He further said that more holidays of Hindus are observed than those of Muslims, Sikhs or Christians and that is because of the de facto Hindu majority. “But no Hindu holiday has been called good governance day, Christmas has been called good governance day. We had to fight in the High Court of Delhi to make Good Friday a non-working day,” he added.

Stating that when the BJP and the RSS speak of Hindu culture they are not speaking of Indian culture, Dayal said, “Not a collective of Naga culture, different cultures from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. But if you want a culture then you are talking against the Constitution and we will fight it out even if needs a satyagraha.”

Responding to a question on the transformation of India by 2022 as envisioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said, “As long as there’s life in the decent people of India, the civil society, the Constitution and the Supreme Court of India, the India of 2022 will be exactly defined by the Constitution of India, whether Modi likes it or not. He may try but he will fail if he tries to meddle with the basic constitutional tenets enshrined by the founding fathers of this great nation.”

Dayal further said that the BJP governments at the Centre and States will not be able to appease the Christians by allowing beef in Goa and Nagaland. “What about the Christians who live in Maharashtra, Delhi and other parts. Our argument is that you are diverting the attention from larger plans that the law of cow slaughter and cow trade is meant to target and stigmatise the economic strength of Muslims, Dalits and tribals,” he stated.

Congratulating President Ram Nath Kovind, AICU President Lancy D’Cunha said, “The AICU has called upon him and Prime Minister to order exemplary action against hate mongers.”