False allegation leads to Police detention for Christian

False allegation leads to Police detention for Christian Pr. Vishwas John lives in Jamui Pandit , Maharaj Ganj, Uttar Pradesh with his family. His biological brother also lives in the vicinity with his family. His nephew Brijesh Gupta runs a small grocery store in Maharaj Ganj. Mr. Ranjeet who is their neighbor, supplies water for Brijesh’s field against payment. Sometimes, adjustments are made against the payment with Ranjeet buying groceries against the monies owed. However, recently there had been some payments outstanding. On 22nd August, when Bro. Brijesh pointed this out, Mr. Ranjeet did not like being questioned or challenged and seized the opportunity to manipulate the situation. Instead of settling the outstanding money, a bad-tempered argument and exchange of words followed. Mr. Ranjeet dialed #100 for the Police and complained to them that Bro. Brijesh was paying him a large sum of money and trying to convert him. The Police immediately descended on the scene and both were taken into custody. Bro. Brijesh while he was subjected to so much emotional and psychological abuse, God miraculously touched Mr. Ranjeet’s heart, who confessed to the Police that he had falsely implicated Bro. Brijesh and filed a case. Both were eventually released on bail. Church pray for God’s peace and wisdom to prevail in this situation. Pray that God’s grace and love may be evident