Tribal Christian brutally beaten for not denying Jesus Christ

Tribal Christian brutally beaten for not denying Jesus Christ

A Christian family in Odisha state, including women, were brutally beaten because they refused to deny Christ, relatives said.

Bro. Padlam Kurani lives with his two sons Takru Kurani & Laxmi Kurani and their wives, in the  lives in village of Borkaliguda, in the town and municipality Malkangiriin Malkangiri district in the Indianstate of Odisha. They are part of “Malyawantha Jeewan Vikas Parishad” Church which is pastored by Pr. Bijay Pusuru. 

This family belongs to the Koya tribe or Koi Community. Their main occupation is hunting. The Koyas are expert hunters and the good hunters are looked upon as heroes. The Koyas deify their ancestors and worship them on all social occasions. All the clan members join together to worship their ancestors. 

Bro. Padlam Kurani and his family, and along with 22 other families, they have come to know the living God, had put their faith in Christ 16 years ago.Upset that this tribal family had left their indigenous religion, the villagers constantly ostracized and bothered them. However, when the villagers realized he would not renounce Jesus Christians in spite of being threatened, ostracized they decided to teach him a lesson. 

They called for a meeting on the Friday, 18th of August and Bro. Padlam Kurani was given 3 days to renounce his faith or face the consequences. At the end of the meeting the entire family were brutally by the villagers who had surrounded them. 

At the end of the 3rd day, Sunday, 20th August, 100’s of villagers gathered and demanded to know their decision. Learning that in spite of the all the torture, they were unwilling to forsake Jesus Christ, the villagers took a decision to ex-communicate and throw them out of the village. After the verdict was pronounced, Bro. Padlam Kurani, his two sons Takru Kurani & Laxmi Kurani and their wives were brutally beaten again. Father and 2 sons are critically injured and were rushed to the nearest hospital.

Speaking to Pastor Bijay Pusuru, Founder, Persecution Relief, Bro. Shibu Thomas, offered financial assistance to cover all medical bills towards the treatment of Bro. Kurani’s family.

Church, pray that this family and other believer families, watching this ex-communication, will not be discouraged but take a firm stand to follow Jesus Christ in spite of paying such a costly price.