Brutal and violent attack against Pastors and members of congregation

Brutal and violent attack against Pastors and members of congregation - Rajasthan

Pastor Harjot Singh and his wife Harvinder Joth have both been working in the Lord’s vineyard for several years and ‘Christ Power Ministry’ is based at Jalandhar, Punjab. Pastor and his family live on the TV Tower property and minister from there.

Yesterday, 16th August, the couple along with 12 other Church members, were in a car, headed to Rajasthan, to a branch Church that had started a year ago. This was just another customary scheduled visit.

Pastor Madanlal who oversees the Church in Dablirathan, Hanumanganj, Rajasthan had made all the arrangements for their arrival and ministry. This was to be a 2-day event. 16th August, was the first day of the meeting. After the Praise and Worship, as Pastor Harjot stepped on to the stage to pray, a mob of religious fundamentalists, who apparently had pre-planned this attack, illegally trespassed into the Church and began to indiscriminately beat all the members with lathis and their fists, in broad daylight. Women and children assembled there were also not spared. The unidentified perpetrators desecrated the place of worship, destroyed personal property, damaged closets, smashed offering boxes and tearing literature. All members are in shock after enduring such a brutal attack.

Pastor Harjot was the obvious target with the motive of putting him out of action. He received the most critical injuries - both of his legs have multiple fractures and grievious injuries; and blows to his head which have resulted in open wounds and needed sutures. Pastor Harjot, his wife and children, Pastor Madan Lal and several members of the congregation were rushed to Hanumanganj Hospital for treatment.

Although the Police were alerted, they arrived only 2 hours after the incident took place. Many victims complained about the lack of police action, including hostility towards Christians. No arrests have been made so far. The impunity enjoyed by these violent mobs is also a cause for concern.

Speaking to the Bro. Shibu Thomas, Founder, Persecution Relief, Pastor Harjot mentioned that he is not disappointed but has requested prayers for his persecutors.

“I am happy in the Lord and have forgiven them all”.

Church, please pray that the Lord will minister to this distraught family by healing them of their injuries, strengthening their faith and comforting them in their grief. Thank Him for the faithfulness of their Christian community; praying that they will continue to stand firm and utilize every opportunity to share the Gospel. Intercede for those currently opposing His people, asking God to remove the hatred from their hearts and bring them to a saving knowledge of Christ.