Fanatics allong with Police force enters into Pastor’s house by force


Pr. Deepu Burnawal and his wife who belonged to a high caste Hindu community had a miraculous encounter with the living God and committed to serve Christ all their lives. They have been ministering at Panagarh suburb of Durgapur, Paschim Bardhhaman district, West Bengal for the last 1 ½ years, with around 80 believers worshipping there every Sunday.

On 16 August, Pr. Deepu and his family had left home to visit another Pastor Babu Kommu at Raniganj, Wardha, West Bengal. While they were away, they left the house in the custody of a believer Bro. Mukesh who is part of their Church.

Late in the evening, a mob of around 40 people illegally trespassed into Pastor’s house along with police. The Police did not possess a search warrant and conducted an unlawful search of Pastor’s premises. While Bro. Mukesh who was looking after the house raised an objection to this illegal intrusion, he was rudely slapped on the face. Police also failed to provide adequate protection to the house occupant instead resorting to fear and intimidation. This large-scale impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators of mob violence across the country has fueled violence against religious minorities in India. Each and every room was ransacked and searched for material that has apparently been used for the alleged conversion activities.

The mob leaders and Police called Pr. Deepu on the phone and demanded that he come back to his house in Panagarh immediately. Learning that he was around 47 Km's further enraged the mob who used abusive language and began to falsely accuse him of being a terrorist and converting Hindus in the town

“Jesus Christ is a Satan and you brought him to our area” they shouted at Pastor over the phone, in the presence of the Police present there. Raniganj Police has called him today (17/08) to police station for questioning.

Church pray that God’s mighty presence will testify to these persecutors. Pray for the protection, peace and grace over Pr. Deepu, his family and the members of the Church.