Attempt to illegally grab Church land


Pastor Vinod, has been worshipping at Durg, Chhattisgarh, at the property of IFGM church. In the past, in 2010, the leader and his mob, made a bold attempt to capture this land. There has been rampant land grabbing in the state while the government and police task force are doing their best to contain this menace.

A case was filed and in 2013, of unlawful entry into property and illegal possession. The Pastor won the case in the lower court. With the help of Police TI and CSP who had intervened and ordered the leader of this mob not to disturb them, they have been managing to meet and worship until now.

However, the local land mafia have been incessant in their threats, by colluding with property developers, who employ private militias to secure the land. They come over to the place of worship and intimidate the worshippers, annoy or intimidate the believers, creating a law and order situation. On 03rd June, Pastor claims to have seen the leader and the mob again near the place of worship. He called Persecution Relief requesting for prayer and provided the SP’s telephone number.

This fellowship has been an encouragement to the community in the area, for years, transforming and rebuilding people’s lives in Jesus Christ. Church pray that the Churches property will not be displaced but continue to be a light house to the Community.

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